14. Life – God’s Gift

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You are at peace with yourself, sitting in a meadow of flowers, beautiful surroundings, the sun is shining, the temperature is comfortable, and the birds are whistling and singing in the trees above. You have the view of the ocean with the waves hitting the massive rocks, disintegrating the dark blue water into bubbles and white foam. The sound from the waves coming back and forth, the singing of the birds penetrating the sound of the waves, it gives you calmness of mind and for a moment you forget all about yourself and the world. In this very moment of beauty, you have forgotten about the despair of your world, about war, hunger and cruelty. Your mind just enjoys the beauty of life, being in oneness with nature. Life is a gift of God, and you can enjoy the peace that you have within, the heaven that you have created for yourself, the treasure of life that you have nurtured and that you have for a moment with the birds, the flowers, and the ocean. For a moment, you enjoy the paradise you have built in love and peace within.

At birth you were given a little grain of love from your Almighty Father. That is the spirit that you have within yourself. This spirit is growing in spirituality when you nurture it with love for your fellow beings, and it will overflow your physical body and be one, in love for humanity and in oneness with the universe.

The school of life that you attended when you became an individual after birth, after you left your mother’s womb, is a gift from God. You received life because he gave you this little grain of love. He gave you the physical body that you could attend to with your spiritual being on the earth level so you could raise yourself in the school of life, because here on earth, you have all the passions of the physical body to learn from. You have love, you have selfishness, you have greed and you have vanity, passions that you should master in life, that you should turn into a beauty of love, of unselfishness, of charity, of honesty, of kindness, of friendship, for all the children on earth that you are part of, because we are all one. We are all of the same spirit. We are all children of God. Our Father in heaven gave us life to develop our spiritual being, to raise ourselves to a higher spiritual self. God is pure love, and he wants us to achieve his consciousness of love, his unconditional love.

And what a beautiful blue planet he has given you. What a beautiful Mother Nature, what a beautiful life he has given you to develop yourself. The sun is a revelation to you, because it shines upon all, the righteous and the nonrighteous, and that is a sign from God that you yourself should reveal your light of kindness to all, as your Father has done towards you. You are here to give love to all. Do not differentiate between people, because you are all part of the same spirit, and what you do unto others, you do unto yourself. When you give love to others, you give love to yourself. When you are cruel to others, you are cruel to yourself. So, my friend, nurture love and friendship and you will build up a strong and beautiful treasure within yourself, a heaven that will be permanent, and that will raise itself towards the Kingdom of Heaven of your Father.

There are many mansions in your Father’s house, and you are here on earth to find an abode where you can share the love with others, where you can find happiness and peace within, where you can have peace of mind completely. That is where you want to travel, my friend, and that is towards oneness, towards God, towards his paradise.

Do not let religion and creed master your life. Give with both hands, so all can see that you do not give with one and take with the other. No, let you hands be open for everyone. Let your love be poured from both hands over your brethren, over Mother Nature. Your hands are a sign, and can be the extended hands of the Almighty Spirit. You can be a messenger of God. You can be his servant in humbleness, because it is in humbleness that you will find the treasure within. It is in humbleness that you will find the heaven that you have within, that you can build up by love to a wonderful beauty. That was the intention that you had before you came to this world, to help and give love to all and by that develop yourself spiritually. That is the meaning of life.

Be sure, my friend, that you use your life well, be sure that you fill your heart with love, be sure that you give charity with both hands, be sure that you are one with your Father, with everything in life.

Life, the gift from God, can give peace to your spiritual eternal being. Let love reign over your heart, and you will have peace of mind and peace with God.

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