14. Faith and its Power


When you turn yourself towards God, towards the light of love, towards your Father, your Mother in heaven, for guidance and for your pathway in life, then the seed, the spark within yourself, within your spirit, will start to shine, first flickering a little, and then growing in strength. This light within you becomes your faith, your faith in God, in the power of love.

When you feel and know that God is within yourself, when you have the faith, the power of God will start operating in your spirit and expand, so your spiritual pathway will be enlightened. The faith will give you the guidance whereby you will know that love is the foremost: love for humanity, love for your family, love for friends and love for your fellow beings.

The relationships that you are building in love will be part of your own tranquillity, the peace of mind that your Father in heaven gives you when you have faith. Real faith, true faith in God will make you unselfish, because then you will see and know God. You will know that he is love and your pathway. This love will build up the beauty within you. You will build up a kindness towards human beings, all living beings, and towards Mother Nature. You will know that you are part of this picture, and that you are here on earth to raise the consciousness of the earth towards God, towards his love.

The faith of God is a tremendous power, because thoughts are real, they are substance, and the faith you have is substance. Faith can move mountains, a parable from your scriptures, but it is true when you know your spiritual nature, when you know that you are part of God and part of the spirit world. Even though you are in your physical body, you are part of the spirit world, because you have a spirit within and in your dreams you sometimes visit the spirit world when you have raised yourself spiritually, when there is love in your heart.

Faith is a healing power that you have in your mind when connected to God´s consciousness of love. You can explore your own healing power, your own faith, by helping other living beings. Healing is true because that is the power that you receive when you are connected to your Father, the Almighty, and it is all faith. Faith creates the electrical cord towards the power of love in the universe, which is God. It is a real and true power that you can connect your spiritual self with and to.

This energy, this flow of energy, is an electrical charge when we use your terminology, but it is as real as your electricity that you cannot see with your physical eyes, but that you know is there. Healing and faith go hand in hand.

To build the Bridge of Love, communication between our two worlds, you need to have faith, faith in the Almighty Father, because that connects our two worlds. You will have to know that God is within yourself, that you are part of God, that God is love and the only way to connect to us is through love. Then you build the Bridge of Love. As the name says, it is a bridge built in love. That bridge will be as strong as your faith, as strong as your faith in God and, as the saying goes, ‘With faith you can move mountains’, and so it is with the Bridge of Love, it is as strong as a mountain when you have the faith, when you have the faith in your Creator that you find everywhere in nature, giving you his presence. Look at the flowers, look at the trees, look at the beautiful green grass, look at the heaven, the blue heaven, look at the sun shining, giving nutrition to you and Mother Nature. All is there for you to enjoy, all is coming back to you, every season, every day. The sun is shining on you, your sun that you take for granted, but the sun itself is a revelation to you by God, because God is unconditional love, and the sun is giving nutrition, is giving its light to everyone on earth, everyone, and that is unconditional love as your Father in heaven is. You have all you need for faith, all you need, you can look at yourself as well. How can that physical body and your spiritual body come by itself? All is a creation in God’s picture. Everything is revealed to you, everything. So, my friend, have faith in God, know that God is there in love for you all. Raise yourself, meet God within yourself, send a prayer to him and ask for his love and he will fill your heart because he is unconditional love.

God wants to be your friend because he is true friendship, and you find his friendship when you have true faith within yourself. You have a true friend in God, a friend that will never leave you. He will stand by your side in all your difficulties, in all your troubles you meet on your pathway, and he will lift you up when you ask and when you have faith. He will give you peace of mind, he will give you love so you yourself can be a light for others when you become unselfish yourself, when you have built up the love within yourself that you can give to others, the least fortunate foremost, because God sees everyone as his children. Let the last come first, that is in his spirit. You see, everything is about friendship and kindness, to share with others and love each other. That is in the spirit of your Almighty Father. That is faith in your Creator.

Have faith, my friend, and have the love of your Father within yourself. Build up that love within yourself, and you will be strong in your endeavours to bring love to your world and to be part of God’s consciousness in love. Faith and love go hand in hand, and love is the mightiest force in the universe.

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