14. Divinity


The human being is of such a creation that if you did not take your own abilities and facilities for granted you would say that they were transcendental: the wonder of your intellect, of your conscious and subconscious; your eyes how to reflect the light in your eyes to create pictures; your ears how to respond to the vibration of sound; your mouth and larynx how to create words; your functionality how to move your body, your legs, your arms instantly when you give that as a thought. You see, my friend, you do not reflect upon your own human body and your own capabilities, because they have always been there. When you see a newborn, you say to yourself: “What a beautiful creation”, but do you ask yourself how this creation has come about, how the DNA, as you call the code for genetic information, and the network builds itself to such a creation you cannot perceive? It is beyond your imagination the newborn with its heart, with its lungs, with its small hands, with its small feet, with its eyes that see a new adventure in life, a newborn that is curious and wants to have contact with your eyes what a wonderful creation by God.

My friend, you are a divine being, you are part of God, with divine abilities. When you see people that have been healed by faith, you do not understand. Healing is of the truth because, as with water, you can, with your thoughts, influence and heal the water, change the crystals in the water, and so it is with your body that consists of mostly water. You can change and replace that water within yourself by the healing effect when you are connected to your Father, to the source of life, and to the love and spirit within yourself.

Christ healed many, as you know from the scriptures, and by merely touching them, he could release the energy of healing. Where there is faith everything is possible, because you have to be connected to the source of life, you have to be in communion with God for healing to work. When you see with your own eyes that human beings become well by healing, you perceive it as a miracle, but I can say this to you my friend: that there are no miracles, there is only nature’s law, and everything is governed by this law, everything from the smallest atom to the galaxies in the universe, all there is.

People are born and people die from this material plane and that is part of the evolution, as it is with the stars that are born and that are dying. God gave you birth here on earth to raise yourself spiritually on this material level, because on this level of life, you meet obstacles, you meet passions, you have to strive for your life, physically and mentally, and everything is there for you to climb the ladder of spirituality. It is part of divinity to raise yourself in spirituality. You climb the ladder of spirituality to raise yourself towards divinity, towards God, towards being a divine person in the consciousness of God, in his love. You have the spark of divinity within yourself, and if you had not, you would not be alive.

The spirit within yourself, your eternal self, is the force that keeps your body alive, and when that force, this spirit within, is separated from your physical body, then you join the world beyond, then you become a celestial being, because you leave your physical body behind, the body that turns into earth, but the spirit survives because there is no death. You have always been a spirit of God, of the Almighty Spirit, the Creator. God has given you life so you can evolve, so you can help your brothers and sisters on the earth plane, so you can understand and have the wisdom of your Father.

When you know that you are part of the Almighty Spirit, when you know that you are a spirit, then you will understand that you can be in communion with the world beyond because we are one, we are one in God, and you can create the Bridge of Love with the hands of your Father, and no communication can be achieved without the blessing of his hands.

Christ materialised as a discarnate being. He showed himself to his friends to show them that life is eternal, that every one of you will join the spirit world when you leave the material plane. Many have materialised on the earth plane, it is not a miracle, it is nature’s law. When you meet friends with faith in God, you can establish the communion between our two worlds, you can give the opportunity for discarnate beings to materialise themselves when you reach for them in love. When you are one in love, then everything is possible. Then, what you call miracles become real and true to yourself, because they are governed by nature’s law, given to you by God when you seek, because you have to seek for the treasure, you have to seek to find. You have to explore in love to find the kingdom of God within yourself, the heaven that you can build in the consciousness of God with his hands.

When you find the divine spirit within yourself, you will understand that you are part of divinity, that you are part of the Almighty Spirit. God is revealing himself to you every day in Mother Nature, and in yourself when you open up and ask for his presence and guidance. When you sit in stillness and ask for his guidance, you are sending your prayer to the power of love, and you connect yourself, and your thoughts are being listened to, and if your thoughts are of charity and you want to be a servant, want to help your brothers and sisters, your fellow beings on earth, then your prayer will be heard, and you will be guided and given the power of love within yourself, because it is when you give of yourself you receive.

Remember that you are here on earth to learn and you learn by experience, and you experience passions and struggle on the earth plane to raise yourself, and that is part of your earthly life, part of the school that you have to accomplish to find your true self.

God gave you life, this opportunity to find yourself, to raise yourself to help your brethren so you can be part of the healing work of your world. When you come to the world beyond and look back, be sure that you can say to yourself that: “I did my best, I gave of myself, I helped wherever I could, I did the service, I was a servant of the Almighty Spirit”, then, my friend, your work will be crowned and you will know that you have accomplished your mission on earth.

Realise that you are a divine being of the Almighty Spirit and that you can build up the power of love within yourself. Then nothing is impossible, everything becomes possible everything. Create the paradise within yourself when you are on earth, and you will meet the kingdom of love when you join the world beyond, the kingdom of divinity. Let the divinity of love reign in your heart, because when you have raised yourself in spirituality you will know that you are a divine human being, part of God’s divinity. Christ was divine and so can you be, my friend, when you have raised yourself in love for your Father and for your brothers and sisters on earth. Christ showed the way, he was the light of the divine. It is your turn to bring the light to your world for doing greater works; for healing your world.

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