14. Children

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From birth we are all spiritual beings. We have within us the spirit, the power that is of God. The spirit is connected with our physical body, with a cord similar to the one you see with your physical eyes, connecting the mother and the baby. That is why when in the physical body you are always connected to the spirit life.

Your mother and father care for you . They are there to provide for your wellbeing when you cannot master yourself, because you live on instincts from birth to early childhood. When the mother feeds the child with her breast, she gives nutrition to the physical body and the spiritual body, because the child receives not only nutrition in the form of milk, but also in the form of warmth and love. This tie between the mother and the child is crucial for the growth of the child, growth of the physical body and of the spiritual being within.

If the surroundings for the child are not provided for, either if the mother or the father is not there, it will suffer in consequence.

When children come to this side of the world as a baby or in early childhood, they are raised in similar fashion, and we provide them with love. The power is within them, the power of the spirit, and they raise themselves, as they would have done on earth, from early childhood to playing children and to adulthood. It is not much different because we are human beings, and we raise our children in the same manner, as we would have done on earth, as we loved to raise our children on earth in love. We want the best for our children both on earth and on this side of life, because we love our children.

The children on this side are taken care of by their family that have passed on earlier, or people that love to be in a position to take care of children. The child needs warmth and understanding when it grows from the stage of a baby. The parents need to know the basics of the child’s needs. The baby needs to be held, and to be taken care of, and when the child cries it needs your attention either in the form of nutrition of a physical or spiritual kind, and you as a parent must show love and understanding. Never get angry with a child, always be determined in love for the best of the child. Develop it, and everything should be done in love. Do to the child as you would have others do to yourself. That is, to be cared for in all ways. Then, the child will feel the loving energy around itself and build a strong structure within and give to others the latent love that you gave. The child will start with all it has within to play with others, to play with itself, to use its creativity, to form ideas and to see the world with a smile. Because they know then, that they have arrived at a beautiful place.

My friend, this is how it should be. Unfortunately it is not so, because there is much selfishness in your world, and because people have not been raised in the right manner. They have not received love in their upbringing, but it is the task of everyone to help each other, help children that don’t have an upbringing in love. Give of yourself; give love to children of the world.

Children that are raised with love and respect without selfishness will bring those qualities towards other beings, their surroundings, towards the living in this world of yours. They will bring it into their play with other children, into school; they will know that the pathway in their life is of the good. We on this side do the same. We give the children the same opportunities for play, for raising themselves in love and in creativity. They play whatever game you have on earth, because they see what you are doing. Let them play, be happy and give their smile to their fellow beings, the smile and the laughter that they were supposed to have in the eyes of the Creator.

Children on this side often visit their parents on earth with help from their guides on this side, until they themselves can visit and be with their parents when they wish. Their mother and father on earth are not forgotten. Parents can bring attention to their thoughts of their child, and the child will be there with them and comfort them, because the child, the children, they are still alive. One day you will meet again when love prevails. Where there is love, nothing can break their connection, never, ever. Children are happy in the spirit world, they are provided for, and we give them happiness and love. So it should be on earth, as in heaven. Help and love your children to a prosperous future, to a life in love.

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