14. Care For

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In Mother Nature, all and everything are provided for, are cared for. The birds build their nest, and care for their offspring, shielding their eggs and nestlings, and their Creator provides them with food from Mother Nature. When you listen to the birds singing in the trees, soaring over the beautiful nature, being part of the tremendous beauty that was created for you to enjoy, you feel content with yourself and your surroundings… and that is only the birds. Watch nature, watch Mother Nature and see all the revelations from God that are provided for and that give you yourself nutrition for your physical body, for your physical self.

Everything in Mother Nature is cared for by your Father in heaven, and he gave you Mother Nature for you to care for, for you to nourish, for you to keep in your loving hands, because that is what your Father also keeps in his hands, he keeps your planet and Mother Nature in his hands. My friend, you can be your Father´s hands here on earth, you can pour his love over Mother Nature, over your world, over humanity, over your brothers and sisters on this earth plane.

In your society, you provide for health and medical care, you provide for school and education, you provide for utilities so that people can have electricity in their homes, so they can have heat and light. You provide food for all and a system where all are provided for. You give shelter for your brothers and sisters as the birds give shelter for their offspring. You see, my friend, everything is in order, your Father gives you everything and you are his hands here on earth to provide for humanity, for your brothers and sisters in your world. And when you have countries, nations, that cannot provide for their people, then other nations that have resources and love for others must give of themselves, must provide charity, must provide the necessary comfort and nutrition, so that children and people are provided for, are cared for, so no one needs to suffer, because as your Father has provided for nature, so must you provide for humanity, because there is a difference. You have been given your free will, you have been given the intellect, and you have been given a mind to comprehend life, and are not only driven by instincts as your animals are and Mother Nature itself that is driven by nature’s clock, by nature’s law, but you as human beings have been given much more. You are children of your Father in heaven, you have the wisdom of God within yourself, but you have to search, you have to find this wisdom that became part of your living body here on the earth plane when you arrived and saw the daylight in the very beginning of your material life, your life here on earth. You came to this earth to raise your spiritual self, to find your true self and you can find this treasure, this wisdom within yourself, by caring for Mother Nature and your brothers and sisters on earth.

Care is love: when you care you love, you provide love, you provide charity, and you provide concern for others. You behave in a responsible manner when you care for other people.

When you see the suffering and despair of your world, when you see people act in a selfish manner and see their misconduct, and you see that people do not care, then people only have concern for themselves. When you see violent acts in your society and in your world and people that do not care, it is because people do not have the wisdom of God, they are not aware of the wisdom that they have within, that they can bring to the surface, that they can find in life.

Care for people, care for the animals, care for Mother Nature, be the hands of the Almighty Spirit, because you yourself are a spirit, you are a child of the Great White Spirit, the white light, the bright light of heaven, and you must find yourself so you can understand yourself, you must find your true real self, that you are an eternal being, that you are here on earth to learn and to master the passions of the earth plane. You are here to find God, to be at one in his love, in his love for humanity and Mother Nature.

Get the perspective. When you see that your world is but one planet in the universe, one planet in your solar system, where your sun is your star that your planet is orbiting, you see you are infinitely small in this endless universe. Get the perspective of life. See that you yourself are a universe that you have to bring into harmony, that you have to bring into orbit of the spirit that you have within yourself, so you can find tranquillity of mind, so you can find the peaceful order that God has provided for your solar system. You must get the perspective of life, you must raise yourself above and give this a thought, that you are more than your physical self, that you are more than your physical flesh. God provided you with life here on earth, and he gave you a condition in life where you were supposed to be, to learn and to find the spirit within.

Every atom in the universe is in its place, and if it were not, it would be chaos and not in order, and the universe would not be in harmony. You must find the truth of life, and you find this by bringing love from yourself out to your fellow beings. You must care for others before you can find the treasure within yourself, and that is part of life. That is how you find the wisdom within. You must give of yourself to find yourself. Selfishness will only bring misfortune. Charity and love will bring fortune in your life, will bring you the heaven that you can find within, a heaven that is transparent in the world beyond, a heaven of love.

Care is a beautiful word. Let this word be a word of love. Let yourself be a caring individual, a responsible individual, a beautiful individual, a human being that is truly a spirit of God, a spirit of the light from heaven. Let God operate within you, let him bring you the light, so you can care for your planet, for humanity and for Mother Nature, for every brother and sister on the earth plane.

Care and love.
Care and forgive.
Care and bring the truth of life.
Care and beautify yourself.
Care and bring harmony to your life and your fellow beings.
Care for the children of the earth.
Care for the sufferer.
Care for the misfortunate.
Care for every child on earth.

Bring harmony into your own life by caring for others, by caring.

Every nation of your world, every leader, every human being on the earth plane, must care for its people, for its children, as your Father cares for you. Your Almighty father has given you the revelation of himself in Mother Nature. He has shown you the pathway of caring, he has given you the light, and you are here to bring this light to every individual on this planet, to every child, so everyone can a have prosperous and happy life, so everyone can find the truth of themselves, the truth of life itself.

Paint your world with the words care and love, and your world will be love, your world will be cared for, because when you paint yourself inside out with love and care you will find the oneness with your Creator, in oneness with the love in the universe, where everything is in harmony, where everything is in its place.

God gave you life here on earth to care for your sisters and brothers, for your beautiful blue planet. Take that responsibility and fulfil yourself.

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