13. The Way of Life


My friend, have you ever felt repentance? Have you been in conflict with your inner self? Have you felt deep sorrow for mistakes that you have done, mistakes towards other fellow beings? If you have, well then, I can tell you that you are climbing the ladder of spirituality, because then you know right from wrong. Then you know that your spiritual self does not agree and is in opposition to your physical self. Mistakes on the earth level are human. You are here on earth to find your self, find your true self, and when you feel repentance then you are in touch with your real self, with your eternal self.

From your scriptures you have the figure of Christ. Many regard him as their saviour and believe that he, by making his way to the cross, could redeem your own faults, that he could, by his sacrifice on the cross, expiate your sins, your mistakes on the earth plane towards your fellow beings. My friend, when you use your intellect, your understanding, you will know that Christ was a bright light, that he, by his teachings, showed the way, showed the truth of life that we are all of God, that we are all here on the earth plane to learn, to walk the school of life, so we can raise ourselves spiritually. Christ told the truth, and he was crucified because he was a threat to men in higher positions. He told the truth of love, and he was one with his Father, because he had climbed the ladder of spirituality to such a level where he was one with his Father, and so can you my friend, but he could not, by the cross, redeem your errors and mistakes in life.

The remission of your sins, your own mistakes, must be done by yourself. Christ could only show you the way, the way of love, the way of life. He said: “Love your enemies, love your neighbour, love your Father”, because in you love is the mightiest power there is, and love is the ultimate answer to achieving peace within yourself and peace in this world. He also told you to do his work and greater works, because he showed you that life continues, but this is not a hidden treasure, it can be yours as well, because you can, on the Bridge of Love, have communion with your loved ones, your friends on the other side of the veil, people that have passed on to the world beyond. As you have from your scriptures, many have materialised, not only Christ, because he was a normal human being that had climbed the ladder of spirituality to such a height that he was in oneness with his Father. From your scriptures you are told that Abraham and Elijah on Mount Sermon materialised themselves. So Christ was not alone in his materialisations in this world and many after him have materialised on the earth plane. My friend, you have to understand the secret of life, that this material world is there as a learning ground for you to raise yourself, to recover from your mistakes so you can find your true self, so you can climb the ladder and find the beauty, the treasure, that you have within, and find that you are part of God, that you are a wonderful creation of your Father, and that you are one of his children.

The way of life on the earth plane is to find your true self. And how do you find your true self? Christ showed you the way; he said that love is foremost in life. Make yourself unselfish, cast aside greed and vanity, and cultivate love and honesty and be truthful to yourself above all. You, my friend, can be a light as Christ was, you can show the way to others, you can show that love, forgiveness, humbleness, unselfishness, charity, are words of honour, are words that enlighten you, that brighten your pathway, that brighten your world. The way of life is to give of yourself and then, my friend, you will find peace of mind. Everything in your life is correlated, everything must be in place for you to find tranquillity, for you to find calmness, for you to find love within yourself, the love to be in oneness with your Father. You have to heighten your self. That is the way of life on the earth plane, you have to raise your self above materiality and climb spiritually so you can attain your true self where you find the beauties in life, where you find your self and the wisdom of God.

Yes, my friend, you have to attend to the earthly tasks, you have to find an education and you have to find an occupation. You have to strive and build your own comfort, but your own comfort must not be of discomfort to others. You must always look back and see how you sow your seeds, so you create a beautiful garden around yourself, so people when they look at you can see your bright light and say: “That is where I want to be, that is where the beauty in life is”. My friend, you can be the beauty that people look upon and view as a bright light of the world because we are all children of God, and God has given everyone the same opportunity to raise him or herself, to be the bright light for the world. There is no differentiation in the mind of God. He is unconditional love, as you can see from Mother Nature, as you can see from the sun it reveals itself upon all, the righteous and the nonrighteous; he does not make any differentiation between his children. God has given all to you for you to raise yourself, so you can find your self, so you can find your true self, so you can find the way of life, the way of life towards your Father, towards the oneness in love with your Father in heaven.

God is everything there is, because God is love and that is where you want to be, in that peaceful, in that wonderful kingdom of love.

Christ showed the way, he was the truth, the light and the way as you have from your scriptures, and it is true because he had raised himself to the height of his Father, towards his wisdom. He told the truth of love, and all the sayings that are not of love are not true, because you must remember that the sayings must be according to the unconditional love of your Father to be true, and he would not see any violence towards his children as a sacrifice, because that is not love. You must understand that Christ was a normal being, as you and I are, and we are all eternal beings, we are all spiritual beings, we are all of the same Almighty Spirit, we are all children of God, we are all brothers and sisters, and Christ could not sacrifice himself for remission of your sins, of your mistakes. He sacrificed himself because he could not deny himself for his Father. He could not deny the truth; he could not deny his own truthfulness. He had to tell the world the truth of life, the way of life, and that is why he was brought to the cross and that was one of the methods that they used towards criminals. They regarded him as a criminal and he was telling the truth of life. Christ was love, and people of the earth crucified love on the cross. God cried when Christ was crucified as you cry when you see violence towards human beings on the earth plane. Remind yourself that love is of God, that God is unconditional love, and he does not require any sacrifice. He wants you to find peace of mind and climb spiritually so you can see that you are all of the same Spirit, that you must share with each other, that you must love each other, that you must raise each other, so your world can be healed. So you can bring an end to war, hunger, violence and cruelty in your world. That is the ultimate wish, that is the ultimate objective of your Father to see his children raise themselves as you, as a father or mother, want to see your own children raising themselves to human beings of kindness, friendliness and love. My friend, you have the answer to the way of life that will bring you happiness and joy. Create your own way of life, but be sure that love prevails and that you become one with the wisdom of God.

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