13. The Daily Bread


A new day has revealed itself,
You are alive,
You open your eyes
And the daylight is brought to you, to your senses.

The sunlight enters the window,
You turn your face towards the sunlight
And your smile reflects the warmth that you feel on your face.
You stretch your hands, raising yourself up from the bed,
What a wonderful day,
What a marvellous day you have in front of you
Because you know that you have food to prepare for breakfast,
And to start the day with, the daily bread.

The daily bread is there for you to sustain your body,
To become in harmony with yourself
Because without bread,
Without food,
There is no balance, no harmony within you.

My friend, you are fortunate to have bread on your table,
Daily bread that is a dream for many people on Earth
That go hungry all day long,
That cannot stretch their hands towards the sunlight and smile,
People, children that cry out to the world, to you,
For help, for your love.

Children are suffering every day;
The daily bread is a wonderful pleasure,
A vital element of life to sustain your physical bodies,
To sustain life on Earth.

Care, Share, Love.

Help the misfortunate
So they can have their daily bread.
Cast aside selfishness, help each other,
Care for each other,
That is love, love that everyone can bring to your world.

The daily bread is God’s, given to mankind
That is, you are, his hands on Earth,
To bring forth his love for you all.

Before you break the bread this morning,
Send your love and prayers
To the misfortunate,
To the poor,
To the people in higher positions in your world
That misuse their power,
That, in their selfish desire,
Forget about the people that do not have their daily bread.

Let your prayer become a reality,
Because you yourself are the hands of God on Earth
To care, share and love your fellow beings,
Your brothers and sisters,
That are there in every corner on the earth plane.

You are one big family,
You are all children of God.
God does not differentiate between any of you.
You are here to bring equality,
To bring love,
To care for each other.

The daily bread was given to you by God in love.
My friend, do the same, do as your Creator,
Give of yourself,
Bring the daily bread to every corner in your world.
Care, share and love.
God’s love for all,

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