13. Share your Wealth

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You have an abundance of resources in your world, resources to fulfil yourself and all the children of God, all the people of the earth. But the world and the resources are not shared equally. In fact, there is a tremendous gap between the rich and the poorest. Inequality causes humanity, causes the Planet Earth, such behaviour as delinquency, crime, misdeeds, violation, cruelty, wrongdoing, infringement, misbehaviour to yourself and your fellow beings.

Privation is a challenge for your political leaders, for yourself, for humanity, to solve. It is a task, a mission, where you must see that equality and freedom are the answer towards a society where all are taken care of, and where all have fulfilled their basic needs for a sustainable life with fundamental comfort. A life in modesty, a life in simplicity, is what you will strive for when you find your true self, when you raise yourself spiritually and find the true pathway in life. My friend, when you raise yourself and find your true self, find your spiritual self, then sharing of resources will be natural to you, because then you want to live a modest life, because you want to be one with your Father in heaven, you want to be one in love, in love for humanity. You see, the answer to your earth plane is that people must know the truth, the truth of life, that there is no death and that each and every one of you has a mission to bring love to your brothers and sisters on earth.

Equality and freedom will be the way of life when you find your spiritual self, when you raise yourself from arrogance, selfishness, greed, pride and vanity, from misbehaving, because you will then see the splendour of nature, of Mother Nature, you will see the splendour that is revealed to you from your Father in heaven, and you will find your true self in this world where you will see that you yourself are an eternal being and that you are here in this school of life on earth to enhance your spiritual self, to understand yourself, to find the truth of life. This is what we will tell you on the Bridge of Love, and this is what we tell you now. We tell you that you must share your wealth, so your world can prosper, so your world can find its true path, the path that was created by your Father, that humanity has distorted in his picture. You see, my friend, you are here to learn, and you are here to find the pathway that was given to you by your Father. When you are on this pathway in life, the pathway to find your true self, to find oneness with your Creator, you become as one in this light of love in life.

Equality and freedom among your people will bring you a prosperous society where health is for all, where school and education is for all, where a life without privation is for all, where the welfare of people is foremost, and where you have found a level where your spiritual self will truly find it natural to share the resources of yourself and your world. Then, my friend, you all become one, you become one in love, in love for each other, for God, because he created you out of love, and that is where your origin is and where you are when you have heightened yourself and found your real self.

It is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than it is for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven. My friend, it is a parable from your scriptures and it is the truth of life. When you understand this parable, you will appreciate that when you find your true self, you find the key to heaven, then you yourself, as with the camel, will be able to go through the needle’s eye, because that is an easy task when you know who you are, when you know that God is the gateway to paradise, but first seek God, the light of your Creator within, and then, when you find the love of your Father and you become love yourself, then you, my friend, can move mountains and you can enter the needle’s eye.

All has been given to you, know this, that all has been given to you and you were all created by the same God, and he does not differentiate between any of you, you are all children of God and in one big family you share, you share your wealth in every good family, you share and show love, you give love to your brothers and sisters and you bring harmony to this family, you find peace in this family, you find love among the brothers and sisters in this family.

What a wonderful task you have here on earth. You are here to find your true self, you are here to help your brothers and sisters to find themselves, to build the heaven within each other, to build the heaven of love in each other, and you do this by sharing, by giving of yourself, by charity, by love, by unselfish acts, by humbleness for nature, for the gift that God gave you when you entered this earth plane, when you saw the daylight, when you came to this earth for a new adventure in life, for bringing yourself in harmony with the creation, with the light from above, the light of love. My friend, you do not need the wealth, the wealth that is beyond your own needs and comfort. Your country can share with other nations of the wealth, whether that is of love or resources from the earth plane. You see, all you share, all that you see, is of God, is of the spirit within yourself, the spirit of God that keeps you alive in your physical body.

Material wealth, when you see poverty and suffering, is a failure in your life, and when you find your true self, you will see the perspective of life that material wealth is there for you to bring out to your world so everyone in your big family can a have decent life, where all have their basic needs sustained. It is your duty, every one of you, to raise your voice when you see poverty, when you see suffering, when you see inequality, to protest against leaders that are taking the wrong path in life, that are selfish and bringing misfortune to their people.

It is a tremendous power that you have behind you when you walk with peaceful means in the parade to protest against poverty, suffering, the despair of your world a tremendous power that you create when you go in peace and just raise your own voice and your own presence. What a wonderful act of love that you can give to the world by showing your concern, by giving your voice to the poorest, to the children that have not received their food on the table this very day.

When you have raised yourself spiritually, when you have heightened yourself spiritually and found your true self, then you will know that wealth, material wealth is nothing to accumulate, but to share. Spiritual wealth is the power that you will build up within yourself, the treasure that you create, that was Godgiven. This is what you should give your attention to, this is your heaven within, the heaven that you can build in love, in love for your world and for humanity.

God gave you life here on earth. Your Father has given you all. Now, my friend, it is your turn to give of yourself, and to follow the same path as your Father in heaven.

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