13. Reincarnation


Your world is a training ground where you have to mingle with people of different spirituality. Some have come further on their pathway in their spiritual endeavours, and some still cling to the material aspect of life. This is the school of life that we all have to tread. In this earthly life you will meet challenges of selfishness, greed for power, vanity, violence and war where people hurt each other. You meet a world in despair, due to the fact that people do not know their destiny.

On the contrary, you have love, peace, understanding and tolerance, attributes overwhelming our world on this side of life, the spirit world. Your world is in progress and should strive to obtain the same attributes as we have in our world so you can achieve peace and harmony in your lives. That´s why we are here to help you in your endeavours, to help you to create a world of love.

When we come to your world, we see a world in a mist, some lights of love here and there, but many places darkness prevails due to inhumanity. We try to inspire you, to enhance the spiritual aspect of living, so you can reach the higher self, to reach a consciousness where you can see the beauties you have inside you, the spiritual core of yourself. This should be placed first and also prevail on the material level so that people can show kindness and share the resources of this world reaching for a spirit level on earth similar to what you someday will achieve on this side.

You survive death of the physical body. That is the message that you should dwell on. Increase your awareness so that you one day can look back to the material plane and say to yourself: I did my best to help people, I did my best to share and to love, I threw away selfishness, and the need and the greed for power. In exchange you will have God’s love in life and heart.

God is just. If he was not just and didn´t give people another chance, there would not be any reincarnation in your world, neither in our world. I know that this must be difficult to understand at first, but you are a spirit with a physical body. Your spirit survives your physical body because your spirit is you, the real you. If you don’t learn the lessons of the earth, then you might need and choose to come back in another physical body to learn, to accomplish tasks that you didn’t master in your earlier reincarnation, in an earlier body on earth. Life is learning. You never end learning, not on your side and not on this side. The universe is endless, and so is your learning.

Reincarnation is a gift from God, the Almighty Spirit, the Creator, the light of love, because it is in love you have the option to reincarnate. It is like the good parents that forgive their children, and give them another chance, and another chance, and so on, until they learn, even though it is a hard way, even though there are many tears. Through struggle and crisis you really learn, but God does never let go of his children because God is love, the supreme power that we all one day shall join, because we are all united, and we are all seeking the path of love, finally.

From this side of life, we clearly see the mistakes of your world, the misfortune and your despair. Some places we see hope, and we see love because love penetrates the darkness of your world. Then we rejoice when we can inspire people to join the path of love, to plant a seed here and there, in human beings and in nature, so your world can prosper and raise itself towards a higher consciousness of living. We leave you a seed of fruit from heaven, from the place you one day shall be part of. Love is what binds us together in your world and our world. Learn every day by practising your spiritual being in love for others, and you will raise yourself above mundane things. Raise yourself spiritually. Love is the answer.

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