13. Nutrition


Your physical body and spiritual being both need nutrition on earth. When you come to this side you have left your physical body, but the energy is within your spiritual being, the energy that comes from God, that is part of God, that is you.

Food on planet earth is there in all its varieties to sustain your physical body, but people forget their spiritual body that they have within themselves. This body needs nutrition as well, but not physical food, like vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. No, what you need much of is spiritual food that is of love, love that you give and receive. They are both essential for the growth of your inner self.

On this side of life, we feel and see our aura field, the energy within ourselves, just as you have here on earth, but which you don’t recognise. The aura, the energy field is ourselves, it shows who we are. We are spirits with an unceasing power received from the power of the universe, the power of love, the power of God. That is our nutrition, and our spiritual growth is never ending. Every day, even though we don’t have time, but as you term time, every day we seek for higher consciousness within ourselves. We find that nutrition helps us to grow within with the single word, LOVE. Love towards our fellow beings, helping others in whatever way we can.

Unconditional love is our Father in heaven to us, and unselfishness is to disregard oneself and to meet the needs of others.

On earth you need to sustain your own life and that is not selfishness. That’s part of God’s plan. Unselfishness is to supply nutrition of both physical and spiritual kind when on earth to people in need. On this side of life, we don’t need to eat as you do. We sustain our spiritual being by the power we receive from God, and it is there for everyone, because God is unconditional love. He does not differentiate. You yourself will have to learn not to differentiate to achieve higher consciousness and to achieve peace within yourself. You cannot have peace within if you don’t let love predominate your inner being.

We live in a real life in the spirit world. Even though you don’t eat, you can taste whatever you had on earth, but it is only in your thought, but thought is real, and then it is real to you, even though it is only a thought. Think of a cup of tea, and it will be there if you have the power within yourself, if you have reached the level within yourself where you can form your thoughts in love, where your thoughts are pure, where your thoughts are not overshadowed by misconduct on earth. If you do not have this power of love within yourself, then my friend, you must work your way up to achieve purity in mind by helping others, by charity, yes, even on this side of life.

Due to selfishness, the food does not reach all the people on earth. Sharing with others the basic needs is number one. That is love for your fellow beings in action. Help others wherever you can. Do your uttermost, and you will raise yourself spiritually to higher consciousness. This is your nutrition of the spiritual kind, the nutrition that will lift you up, build your mind strong, and that creates peace and the heaven of love within yourself.

Let nutrition be love for your fellow beings.
Let nutrition be the way to unselfishness.
Let nutrition be the power that you can give others.
Let us supply nutrition for everyone.

Learn nutrition within yourself and help others to find the spiritual pathway.

Nutrition is of God.

Share with the people of the earth as we do in the spirit world.

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