13. Love Reigns

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When you sit in contemplation, when you find the thought that gives you rest and peace of mind, when you have the wisdom of God within yourself, when you have found the beauty, the love from your Creator within, the love that fills your self, your spiritual and physical self, and you become pure love in mind the heaven within, the mind of love, the mind of God then, my friend, love reigns within your own universe, within your spirit. You are at this moment a sacred temple where the spirit of God, the spirit of love, dwells and where you can find your true self in oneness with your Creator. It is here you find happiness and tranquillity of mind; it is here you are one with the universe, one with your big family on earth and in heaven. We are all children of God, and we can find this love, each and every one of us, within ourselves, it is heaven that you find within, as you have from your scriptures. Heaven is within; God is within when you have found his love and when love reigns.

In your mind, in your self, your mind is king. Your mind is the power of your self, the power that you can bring to your self with love for your brothers and sisters, for your big family on earth. You can bring your mind into such a powerful heaven of love, that you yourself become a light for the world, a light of love as Christ was. He showed the way, and he gave you the truth that there is no death, that you all survive your physical body when you leave this plane, the material plane, your Planet Earth.

On the Bridge of Love, you can have communion with discarnate beings, you can have communion with friends and loved ones that have passed on. The hands of the Almighty Spirit build the Bridge of Love, because it is built by love. You can find the truth of life, you can see and feel the communion, the love, between our two worlds, you can experience the power of love, and where love reigns everything is possible. Love is the mightiest force in the universe, and the love between human beings, whether they are incarnate or discarnate, can never be broken because love is unbreakable, love is so strong that it will conquer the darkness of your world, the loss that you have within yourself when you seek in love, when you fulfil yourself and your mission on earth to bring love on your pathway in life. God is love. God is unconditional love. Isn’t that a wonderful message that we have for you? God is your comforter, your loving parent and will never leave you. The Creator is your heavenly Father and your heavenly Mother.

Always there, when you ask for his guidance, ask for his presence in your life.
Always there, when you in your prayer ask for his love, for his comfort, for his peace.

Know this, my friend, that love is of God, that love is the power where you can rest your soul within. It is a beauty, it is the paradise, it is the heaven, it is your destiny. Remember, you are a spirit of God, you were made out of love, you came from this power, and you will eventually return to this power when you have fulfilled yourself, when you have become pure light yourself, and you are here on earth to walk the school of life, to enhance your spiritual self, to find your true self, to bring yourself to a higher level of understanding, of wisdom, to find the wisdom through struggle, because it is through struggle you elevate your inner self.

And I can say this to you, my friend, that use your time and effort on earth to bring love to your big family. In your small steps you can do wonders on the earth plane to give a helping hand to a child that was misfortunate with its upbringing, to give a helping hand to people in need, people that are poor and hungry, to give a helping hand to an animal that has been hurt, so it does not need to suffer, to forgive a human being that did not understand its misbehaviour towards others there are so many ways for you to raise yourself, to give love and to bring love to your life on earth.

Let love reign in your life. Let the power within yourself, the power of love, be a source of light that can show the way, that can make your pathway beautiful, that can make your self beautiful. This word love is pure. Behold this word within your heart. And God will be your bright light in life. Let love rule your world, and heaven will descend upon the earth plane, and you will fulfil the creation of God, the creation that was made out of love. Let love create your life.

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