13. Do his Works and Greater

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Christ had many sayings, and he was inspired by God, and inspired by the messengers of God and his angels. He spoke with the past prophets; he spoke to Moses that was a messenger of God that received the Ten Commandments when he led his people through the desert and to the mountain of Sinai. He was receiving the commandments also from messengers of God, because we are all part of God and God sends his people that are of love, that are within his consciousness, to tell everyone that wants to listen about life and how you should behave on the earth plane so you can fulfil yourself, so you can be one with your Father in heaven. That’s where we all want to be, that’s our pathway in life, to meet and be with our Father, to be one.

Christ was told everything that is revealed in his sayings. He was inspired by God. God´s messengers told him that his followers, as long as they are in God, as long as they have faith in God, as long as they know that they are one with their Father in heaven, will do his works and greater works.

Christ inspired you to have communion with the spirit world, have communion with God, because we in the spirit world are as you, we are part of his creation, we are part of God, we have God within ourselves, we are not separate from God, we have the spark of that spirit within ourselves given to us by the Almighty Father that gives us the opportunity to come to you, to show ourselves when we have obtained the right conditions in love, in harmony with your spirits, with you people of the earth.

Christ encouraged you to do his works, to show the world, to be a bright light for others, to show them that love is the only way, that love for your fellow beings is the foremost, to have faith in your Father and that he will be with you on your pathway when you meet troubles of the earth so you can conquer them, so you can give a helping hand to your fellow beings, to the least fortunate, so you can be an angel to raise them towards God, to raise them so they can be fortunate. We all want to be at peace with ourselves. We want to be close to God.

You have to give nutrition to the seed within yourself, so you can feel the oneness with your Creator. Because if you are not one with your Father, you cannot do the works that Christ did. You have to be one, you have to have faith in God completely, and then the door is open.

You can do his works and show the world that life goes on, that death is merely opening a new door to a new life. When you show the world that selfishness must be left behind, because selfishness is the opposite of love for your fellow beings, when you show this to the world, you will raise the people of the world towards goodness, towards the teachings of Christ, the inspiration of God that you should share with each other, that we should love each other, that we should regard and know that we are one. We are all one in the picture of God. We were created in his picture, and we are all his children.

The parables, the sayings of Christ, were inspired by our Father in heaven, and God cannot inspire sayings that are not of love. So, when you read the sacred texts, when you read what was purported to come from Christ, you ask yourself this question: “Is this a saying of love?” if you can, with your whole being. And when you look up in the sky towards Father and ask: “Is this a saying of love?” if you can say a definite “yes”, it must be true. However, if it is a saying that has something within it that is not of love, it cannot be true. Remember that Father, your God, is unconditional love, and the sun is shining on everyone, the righteous and the nonrighteous, he does not differentiate, he only gives love, so when you have this in mind and interpret and understand the sayings of Christ, then you know what is true and what is not true, because there have been misinterpretations and misconceptions of the sayings of Christ. Everything that he taught was of love, and every saying he gave was of love, and nothing else, nothing else, my friend.

He wanted you to follow his bright light. He is your saviour when you regard him as a light and when you follow his teachings of love. He sacrificed himself on the cross because he could not deny himself. Men in higher positions that saw him as a threat brought him to the cross. Christ could not die for remission of your faults on the cross, but he showed you the way for salvation and that is by love for your fellow beings. When you come to the spirit world, you will be your own judge because God can only give you love. You must repair your faults and start repairing them on earth when you still have the time. Repair your faults by following the bright light of Christ, and his teachings of love. “Love thy fellow beings”, he said and “have faith in God”. My friend, become unselfish, give help to others, help the least fortunate, let others come first, cast aside greed and vanity, then you raise yourself spiritually and you sacrifice yourself when you let others come first. When you leave selfishness behind, then you repair your faults, because you repair them by love, by charity. Use your logic and your reasoning, seek God and have faith.

“I am the Light, the Truth and the Way”, Christ said. Yes, Christ was the bright light, he is the bright light, follow him and do the works that he did and you can be part of the greater work, and that is to heal the world. Heal the world with love because the earth plane, your world, is in despair and needs love to repair itself.

Cast aside selfishness from this earth plane and replace it with love and you will heal the world, and you will do greater works, as Christ said, as you should do. Heal your world with faith in God, and only love will heal your world.

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