12. You are not Alone


When you are in your physical body, when you are alive on earth, you intermingle with people friends, family, colleagues at work, peers in school and strangers, people that you do not know. You do your shopping, you attend concerts, you go to the theatre, and you travel abroad and meet people of different cultures and backgrounds. Everywhere your pathway takes you, you meet people of a different attitude, of a different character, of a different mindset, of a different personality and of different levels of spirituality. We all have people around us in different situations in life, if we do not choose to be private. My friend, in the spirit world, you meet people as you do on earth, but you mingle with people of the same attitude and spirituality as yourself because then you are at ease, that is your comfort zone. Level of spirituality creates the conditions for individual freedom in the spirit world.

My friend, when you meet people, you can watch and see how others behave. You can read their expressions and you can make a picture of the different individuals. In the spirit world, we all have an aura around ourselves, a light of different colours that gives you the ability to read others with your spirit eyes. By the aura, you will know the character of other human beings. You will know if there are kind and loving thoughts. You will know and you can read the background and history to every human being. That is not to say that when we walk in a crowded place, we interpret everyone. No, the main difference is that we know the character when we see them. These attributes can be hidden on earth. People can deceive you and pretend they have a personality and character that is not real. In the spirit world we see the inner spiritual self, the real you.

What you bring over to this side of life is your character and personality, and there are no secrets that you can hide in the spirit world as you can on the earth plane. Your real self is coming forward on this side and many have regrets for their behaviour on earth. Misuse of power, selfishness, greed and vanity are all part of the aura, which is not distinct on earth. Here your true self is displayed for everyone.

When you ask for assistance you will have souls coming to you that want to help you with your failures on earth, because we have love for you. In your world there are also helping hands, but your world is the mechanical world. This side of life is the creative world, and we can be in your presence when you send your thoughts to us. We move our beings by thought, and the electrical signal you send to us is received instantly, and thus we can attend to you instantly.

When you have trouble in your world and call for an ambulance it will take some time before they come and that will sometimes cause the physical death. On this side there is no waiting time. Call it an ambulance, but we are there at once. In this world there is no physical damage, it is only mental illness that you have brought forward from the earth plane, and that you have to cure. Mental disorder here is not what you call mental disorder in your world, because that will be immediately repaired when passing the threshold of physical death. No, my friend mental illness here is what you get when you misbehave on earth, when you misuse power, when you have been cruel to other living beings, and when you have misbehaved in such a manner that you yourself will experience the pictures of misbehaviour towards yourself. You see, what you did on earth is not erased, it is in your mind, within your consciousness, and the pictures that you created for yourself will be exposed and are as real to you as yourself. That is the mental disorder on this side of life.

You can create a treasure within yourself when on earth, when you give love to others, when you become unselfish, when you behave in a decent manner, when you give a helping hand wherever you can. Then, my friend, you will build up a treasure that your inner self can expose and enjoy the beauty of. What a wonderful message we have for you, my friend. We give you here the answer for wellbeing on the other side of life. Do whatever it takes to bring love to all fellow beings and you will be rewarded with a precious treasure that will be your paradise, the heaven that you created within yourself. Pure love is the heaven that we all want to be part of. That is God’s heaven, and God is love, and we all want to be part of his consciousness.

You are not alone. You do not need to be alone. Go out and help other people, help wherever you can, and you will make friendship on your pathway. People will appreciate your helping hand, and you will be part of their happiness. You can have your private sphere, you can be by yourself, as you can on earth, when you desire to be private, but remember, there are no secrets. There are eyes all over, as it is on earth but you cannot see them. God sees everything. A symbolic phrase, but it is the truth, because we as spiritual beings can see with God’s eyes. We see everything, we can attend to you on earth, and walk beside you. We try influencing you to guide and help you to raise yourself spiritually. We are your helping hands, if you let us do so.

If you, in your mind, can imagine that when you leave your physical body you are as real as you are now, that you can walk in the same surroundings, that people cannot see you, but you feel just the same as you were when you had your physical body intact, imagine this my friend, let this thought be yours for a while.

On earth you have spirits all around you, and you will be one of them someday. You will attend to matters on earth as you do now. You will give a helping hand to your friends, to your family that are still left behind. They cannot see you, but you will be part of this unseen world. Many are here on earth to help others and many are here because they have not raised themselves towards a higher sphere.

My friend, I can assure you that you are not alone; there is always a helping hand.

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