12. Where is God?


One summer day you are just caught by the glimpse of a beautiful sunflower that all of a sudden was there in your mind as a reflection of the sun above, and where a butterfly, for a moment, is taking your breath away. You stare at the creation and you wonder, how can this come about, this beautiful butterfly, looking like a leaf of a tree? What a beautiful creation like a butterfly can give of wisdom. The butterfly is to be mistaken for a leaf of a tree, it has been camouflaged, it has been created in such a manner for itself to be protected from predators, from other insects and birds that would like to have their meal of the day.

When you gaze upon such a creation, my friend, you know that it has been made by love. God is unconditional love, and he is in all his creations, in the butterfly, in the sunflower that reflects the sunlight and smiles at you with love from heaven, love from your Creator. All in Mother Nature has God within itself and so it is with you, my friend. You have God within your heart when you seek for his presence, because he made you out of love, and he has made the material plane for you to realise and find his wisdom in this paradise on earth.

Where is God? That is a question that comes to your mind when you see disasters, when you see people being hit by catastrophes, when you see people kill each other in warfare, when you see people misbehave towards other human beings bringing despair, bringing inhumanity, into your television sets in your living room. You observe and you cannot comprehend how people on earth that is made by love, that is made by God, can behave in such a manner, can be hit by catastrophes. Well, my friend, people of the earth, human beings, are all children of the same Creator made by love, but are doing this to themselves. People do not comprehend life, do not understand the wisdom of their Creator that love is what creates happiness and peace. Love of the universe is of such a mighty force that you cannot comprehend its power. When you look upon yourself, and your limited knowledge, it is about evolution.

You are here on earth to raise yourself spiritually, to find the love that you were made of; you are here for a purpose. You have a mission here on earth to help your brothers and sisters as children of God, as one big family.

You, my friend, must understand that the wisdom of God is love, and he has made you and I, he has made your Planet Earth, your solar system, for you to find the power of love within yourself so you can share the resources of your world with your family on earth for you to comprehend Mother Nature and the creation, the creation of yourself.

Where is God? You are a spirit of God, you are a spirit of this force that made all there is, the spirit of love. And you have been given hands and your feet, your intellect, your senses, to understand that you are all of the same love, that you are all of the same Father and Mother, of the same creation.

God is within, God is in Nature, God is in your sun, letting the sunlight bring you the daylight, bringing you food on the table, bringing you an atmosphere of love that you on earth take for granted, that you cannot perceive the wisdom of.

You may ask, when human beings do cruel things to other human beings, then how can people do such cruel things towards other human beings, towards their brothers and sisters when they have love within, God within themselves. My friend, you have been given free will, you are here on earth on this material plane with all its passions, with the passions of selfishness, vanity and misuse of power. You have been

given free will, if not you would have been merely robots and what kind of life would that be? You see, my friend, God has given you the power to raise yourself spiritually, to find his love within yourself, and you yourself are responsible for your life, for your actions.

God is the love that you were given at birth. He gave you life, he gave his love for you to find your true self, so you could bring love to your brothers and sisters and if you are misbehaving, if you do not prolong his arm of love towards your family, you have failed, you have failed in your mission on the earth plane, and you have to take the consequences of your misbehaviour, because you yourself are the judge when you come to the world beyond. You will judge yourself, you will see what you made out of your life, you will see that if you failed, you must raise yourself.

In the world beyond we give love, we provide help to people that have failed. We give them the wisdom of God that love must prevail, that love is the only way towards peace, towards happiness, towards the creation of love, towards the consciousness of God, towards his kingdom of love. That is why you have to come back to earth, that is why you will see that the only way to repair, to rectify oneself, is to reincarnate, to come back to earth when you have been given the permission to do so, because God in his infinite wisdom knows when the time is there for you to rectify yourself, because the law of cause and effect is in operation.

When you understand and can comprehend the wisdom of the universe, the wisdom of love, you will find yourself and you will know where God is. That will be clear as the day to your mind when you become spiritually aware and raise yourself above the material passions, when you raise yourself towards the love, towards the oneness, with your Creator and become love yourself, and when you are one in him, you are one in love.

That is the beauty of the creation, the beauty that you find within yourself, when you give love to your world, when you see that love is the mightiest force and that love prevails.

God is the power of the universe. God is in all and everything everywhere. God is the creative force; God is the creation, the creation of love. We started with the flower, the sunflower and the butterfly. When you see this sunflower, when you can perceive the nature of this creation, when you see the beauty of the butterfly, you see God, you see his love.

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