12. Walk with God


When you sit in stillness, in contemplation, when you sit for meditation and close your eyes, you can imagine a White Bright Light within your inner self, because this inner light is not of this material world that you can see with your physical eyes, it is within, it is a light of love, a light of supreme peace, it is a light of kindness, of friendliness, it is a light that smiles at you with such tremendous compassion for you, with a wonderful unconditional love for you, my friend. It is the light from God, the light from your Father that you see within yourself, the light that he gave you at birth so you should know that you are an eternal being, that you are part of the Almighty Spirit, the White Bright Light, the power of love, the power of the universe.

My friend, God reveals himself in Mother Nature and in every human being when you see the source of life. He has given humankind free will, and he gave you life on earth to develop yourself in this school where you have challenges, where you meet trouble on your pathway, where love and evil is made by humankind and its free will, because you are here to evolve, you are here to see and learn right from wrong. You are here to raise yourself spiritually, you are here to help your brethren, and you are here to climb the ladder together towards spirituality, towards God and his wonderful consciousness of love.

In nature you walk with God because he reveals himself to you in every specimen: in every flower, in every tree, in every fruit that you pass by in all walks in life. But do you see him my friend? Many do not, because they have not raised themselves spiritually. They take everything for granted. They do not reflect upon why the beauty in Mother Nature can reveal itself without the hands of the Almighty Father. They do not even reflect upon themselves, their own human being, their human body, that they are a wonderful creation with eyes, ears, taste, intellect; a body that is fit for its purpose as a woman or a man. My friend, understand yourself. Seek understanding in Mother Nature. See all the revelations from God, question why, and then, my friend, something within yourself will seek and will want to explore and raise itself towards the wisdom of God, towards the Creator of all there is.

How can you walk with God? God is in everything, and it is your consciousness within you that you will enlighten when you ask for guidance. Ask God for his wisdom. He will come to you, he will send a humble servant, he will send a messenger to you from the spirit world that is one with him in love, that you can trust, and you will know by the wisdom given to you, that you can trust the words, because all that is given to you that is of love is from your Father.

Prayer is a powerful mechanism, a powerful service and you should learn to sit in stillness and ask for the wisdom of God. In prayer you send out love because when you send out love, you will receive love from your Father. Send out love to your enemies, to people that do not understand their own behaviour, forgive and be kind. Show that you are walking with God in his love, and you raise yourself above the troubles of the earth. You raise yourself above the material passions when you walk with God.

God has created all there is: the stars, your planet, the galaxies, all the beautiful creations in your world and in the worlds beyond that you cannot see with your physical eyes. There is no death my friend, and you are an eternal being, you have been given the opportunity to come to earth to attend the school of life, so you can raise yourself spiritually, so you can walk with God, walk with your Father, towards your true self, so you can become one in love when you are on the earth plane, because the treasure is within yourself and it was hidden until you yourself found and explored yourself, and the nature, all that God gave you, was a revelation of him. What a wonderful school of life, what a wonderful world, and what a wonderful blue planet you have. My friend, take care of Mother Nature, take care of every human being, every child of your Father, because you are one family, and every one of you is of the same importance, every one of you you are all children of God.

The passions of the earth, with selfishness as a major obstacle, hold you down to the material level, hold you down spiritually, keep you separate from the love of your Father. You set yourself apart, because God is unconditional love and he wants you to take part of his love, of his paradise, that you have within yourself the heaven that you create when you raise yourself spiritually. Then, my friend, you are travelling the path towards the consciousness of love.

Walk with God. That is the way to find your true self, to have peace of mind, to build the heaven within yourself, to find the treasure that cannot be destroyed by moth and rust and that you can bring along to this world beyond that is yours for eternity. God is love, and love is your pathway, so when you walk with God you walk with love in your mind. That is your secret, that is the secret of life, to find the love within yourself that you can pour over your pathway so your being, and what you leave behind, can be a light for others, a beauty that will flourish and that people can look upon and say, “Oh my, that is the pathway to follow, that is the pathway to heaven within ourselves.”

When you walk with God you do his will, and the will of God is to make your pathway perfect, to help wherever you can, to give charity, to make yourself unselfish, to create peace, to be truthful to yourself and everyone that crosses your path, because honesty and love go hand in hand when you walk with God.

When you find your true self, when you are one with your Creator, you have climbed the ladder of spirituality and you will then know that you are evolving. Then you have reached a consciousness that is beyond the material level, and when you walk with God there is only one direction and one way and that is towards your higher self, where you will find your true self, your spiritual self, your eternal self. Then you know that you are one in God. As Christ said: “My Father and I are one.” Because he did the will of his Father, the will of love. Christ raised himself to the consciousness of God and his wisdom. He was truly one with his Father and so can you be, because he walked with God, he walked with God as you can and he showed you the way. He was the light and you can be part of that light and walk with God.

Remember the White Bright Light when you sit in contemplation for meditation, the White Bright Light that is of God. Follow this White Bright Light and you are walking with God.

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