12. The Pathway of Peace


When you look upon your world and see all the suffering, the cruelty, the violence and misbehaviour of people, when you see people that have climbed to higher leadership positions that cannot comprehend their own life and the life of others, the misuse of power, selfishness and greed, and the positions they place themselves in, then peace seems to be out of sight. But how can you achieve peace in this world, when people do not know the truth of life, do not know their true self, do not know who they are, and do not know that there is a life beyond this physical plane, your material world. My friend, that knowledge is the key to a peaceful world, to knowing yourself, to knowing the truth of life, to knowing that there is a life after your physical death, that there is a new world opening, and you, my friend, can find this truth on the Bridge of Love, you can seek and search for that answer, and I can assure you that you will find the truth of life when you seek in love because the Bridge of Love is built by the hands of God, with the blessing of your Father in heaven, because it is God’s hands that build the Bridge of Love. You cannot find this truth on your own, you have to seek God first, you will have to have his blessing to build the Bridge between our two worlds, and when you find this, life reveals itself to you. Then you will be a light for the world, for creating a pathway of peace, for reconciliation between countries, for every human being on the earth plane, and you will know that love is the answer to fulfil yourself, to build peace on earth.

Why do not people of the earth confront this truth? Why do they not seek and search within themselves? Why do they not meet on the Bridge of Love? I can say this: that religions with their dogmas have prevented communion between our two worlds, and it is misinterpreted, it is misconstrued, in the dogmas of religions that you shall not have communion with your loved ones and friends on this side of the veil. It is a failure of religions to prevent people from being in contact, in communication with their loved ones that have passed on to the world beyond, because they want to tell you the truth, but if you obscure this truth, when you cast aside this truth of life and cling to the dogmas that were made by people in ancient times, that were captured in their vanity, in their misuse of power towards their own people, then the truth of life will stay concealed.

My friend, what I am saying may be strong words for you to comprehend, for the church to comprehend, but it is the truth, it is the truth of life, and you can find this truth on the Bridge of Love, when you come in love, when you let the hands of God guide you, when you let the hands of God build the bridge between our two worlds.

Let the people of science research within the field of quantum physics, within the field where you cannot today know all there is, that thoughts are substance, that energy from our world is real, that we can present ourselves, that we can manifest ourselves in your world, through yourself and through science, through quantum theories that are to be shown the world. Because people of science already have sufficient answers for giving the people of the world answers that are there for you to comprehend, for you to understand that there is a life after death. When you know that there is a life beyond this world of yours, then you will change in behaviour, because in our world as in your world there is a force, a power, that keeps us alive, and that force is love, the force that keeps you alive in your physical body but that you cannot appreciate. We, with our spiritual eyes, can see this force because that is what we are. We are of this power, this power of God, this power of love.

In your world people are of different spirituality. Many are undeveloped and are striving to find themselves, whilst others have climbed the ladder and know the truth of life. They know that what they do unto others, they do unto themselves, they know they must cultivate love, honesty and charity, they know that selfishness and greed will bring misfortune, they know that you and your world will prosper when the truth of life has been born upon your earth plane, when the truth crosses many pathways in life, because when you become a light and show the way and cross your brothers’ and sisters’ pathways that are of the same light, you will bring the wisdom of God to your world, you will bring peace to your world, the peace of God, the supreme force that is of love in the universe. When you find this peace within yourself, then you have found the treasure of life, then you are building the heaven within yourself, because then you are one with your Creator, you are one with God in love, because you yourself have become love, as your Creator, as you were made of.

The truth of life is so simple. It is given to you when you open up and humble yourself, when you come to your Father in heaven, and say: “Father, I want to have the truth of life. Please give this truth to me so I can be a bridge, so I can be your hands on the earth plane” and he will answer you and say: “My child you are here for my mission to create love and peace on the earth plane, and I will give you the power to raise yourself, to show your world that love is foremost, that love is the power in the universe, and love must prevail to create peace in your world.”

My friend, this is not religion, this is the truth of life, and the truth of life is that there is no death, that wisdom will create peace on earth, the wisdom of God that you must find, that you must seek within yourself to find that little grain that he gave you at birth that keeps you alive, that force, that power of love.

The pathway of peace is within you, the pathway that is of God, because the pathway of peace is of love. People of the earth will know that freedom and democracy is the way of life, is the way to build societies, is what you have as your instinct in life, to find the truth of life, to find what the meaning of life is. You need the freedom to find your own pathway in life, to find the truth of life. You, my friend, can have that freedom. You do not need any dogmas that hold you down, you can find the love from your Father without religion, without any dogmas, you can find his revelation in Mother Nature, you can find it when you look upon the sky. The sun shines upon you all, the righteous and the nonrighteous, because your Father is unconditional love, and he does not differentiate between any of his children. Human cruelty and violence that are on your earth are humanmade and you, all of you, are in the position to understand that that is not the pathway of liberty, for the liberty of every soul on your earth plane.

Many in your world, many dictators, have misused their power, have entered into war, because of their miscomprehension of life and themselves. They have not had the truth in life, they have not understood themselves, they have been driven by the passions of the earth, by selfishness and greed, and by inhuman behaviour. The animal instinct is not for the human race. Even animals love each other, so how much intellect do you not have yourself? You have so much more, you have been given so much more in life to comprehend yourself, to comprehend that life is beautiful when you pour love in life, and on your pathway. That is how you find yourself, that is how you achieve peace of mind, and that is how you share peace with your fellow beings, with humanity. It is by love you can find peace.

Tell the truth to the world that there is no death, that you all survive the earth plane, that you are all children of God, that you are all part of the creation, that you are all eternal beings, that you cannot die, that when you on the earth build a consciousness of love or evil, that is what you bring to this side of life, this consciousness, this mind, and that is what you receive because your mind is transparent in the world beyond. The evil that you create on earth will be your hell on this side of life. The love you create on earth will be your heaven on this side of life. Your consciousness, your mind, will reveal all you have done, all you have made out of life, so, my friend, take care of your brethren, your brothers and sisters on earth, so you can create heaven within yourself when on the earth plane, the heaven that you bring along to the world beyond, the heaven that will bring joy and happiness, and that will fill your whole being with peace and love from God.

There is a pathway for all children to find this peace, to find this love of your Father. Change today, my friend, change in behaviour and know the truth that there is no death, and what you do unto others, you do unto yourself. You can change, you can bring charity to the world, you can build a beautiful heaven within yourself, you can redeem yourself, you can repair your faults and failures, your mistakes in life, by turning your face towards God and asking for his assistance; ask for his guidance and he will guide you. He will help you to build your heaven within. He will help you to raise yourself spiritually, so you can find your treasure in life. There are opportunities for all. There is no closed door for the one that knocks. The door will be open when you come in love and humbleness and ask for the blessing, for God’s protection, for his love for you.

The pathway of peace is truly achievable for your world when you know the truth of life that there is no death, that you are an eternal being, that you are on earth to learn and to find your true self.

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