12. Revelation Inspired by God

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All through time, God has revealed himself through nature, through thoughts and the consciousness of the spirit world, which is of God.

In nature you find so many obvious creations, so many examples, so many revelations from God. You can watch the neverending creation of flowers, of trees, of grass, and similarly of animals, of insects, of birds, and of your pets, that you even help yourself to feed and prosper.

The sun is giving the earth and the planets nearby the necessary energy, staying in its perfect place in the universe. The sun reveals the seasons on earth, giving you winter, autumn, spring and summer, that in turn bring you the harvest and food on the table, providing nutrition for the animals on the ground and rain from the sky, coming from the sea in cycles. All is due to the sun of God, given to you by God, and the human race can enjoy the beauties of the earth plane.

There is decay and there is a new beginning for everything, for all of us, for all the creations of the earth. A new child is born every second on earth and people pass on to the spirit world when their time is due. There is a running cycle provided by the Almighty Father, your Creator, God, your Father in heaven. Nothing comes by itself, nothing. That is nature´s revelation to you, and that is God´s revelation by nature.

God has sent his angels and his messengers from ancient times to you, from spheres, from worlds beyond yours, and they have used nature as an example, because in nature you find the truth. God does not differentiate between people, between anything you find in nature all is there for everyone. The sun shines on the earth every day. The sun shines on you that have been righteous and you that have not behaved, the sun shines on you that bring love to your fellow beings, and it shines on you that are selfish and only think about yourself, the sun shines on the wealthy, on the rich people, and it shines on the least fortunate. God does not differentiate. God is unconditional love, and he shows you that that is the way to live your life, to share everything that you have with everyone. See, my friend, that the sun of God, the sun itself is a revelation from God.

When we come to you, we come to you in love, because we are from the spirit world inspired by God. We are part of God as you are part of God. We are all part of the same creation, of the same Creator that has shaped us and formed us in his picture. He has given you free will, but he has also given you the seed of love, that you have within yourself, and that you have to nurture and develop. You can learn to develop the seed within yourself by watching the revelations by God, given to you in nature, given to you by the spirit world, by his messengers and angels, that bring forward the truth and the truth is that there is only one law and that is the law of cause and effect and that God is love, unconditional love.

From the scriptures in all religions you have messengers of God that have revealed and inspired you, and I can say this to you, my friend, that you will find the treasure within yourself, and this treasure is not of the earthly goods that will rust to mould, that all the scriptures that are of love, that give your seed within yourself the nutrition of the spiritual kind, that lift you up, where there is no selfishness, where there is no greed, where there is no vanity, where there is no need for power over other people, and where all is of love, then they are the truth, then the scriptures are inspirations from God. Scriptures that are telling you otherwise, that bind you to dogmas that are not of love, then, my friend, they cannot be inspired by God, by your God that is unconditional love. That is impossible. So, my friend, use your logic and your reasoning when you read the sacred texts. All must be part of God, part of his consciousness, which is the purest of love.

We come to you, we are here, and we are among you trying to inspire you, to open the seed within you, the seed of love. We try to inspire you to reveal the truth, and for you that are blind, that don’t see that the pathway to God is to become unselfish, to have love in heart, to have love in heart for your fellow beings, you must understand that we come to you in love. We come to you to give you a helping hand, we come to you so you can have the truth of life, so you know why you are here on earth, what the meaning of life is, why you have God within yourself, what you must do to fulfil yourself, your mission in life, all these questions that come to your mind, many times in life. We want you to know, we want you to know so you can build up the treasure within yourself that you can bring along to the spirit world one day when you leave the earth plane.

It is easier for a camel to come through a needle’s eye than it is for a rich man to see the heaven of God. It is a parable, but dwell on it, because it is true. Live your life in modesty, share with others, help others, then you will find the kingdom of God within yourself, and you will meet the paradise of such beauty that is unimaginable to you when on earth, when you one day join the spirit world, when you have accomplished the school of life on earth, when you have fulfilled your mission on earth. We reveal to you, and we are inspired by God, we are messengers of God, we are coming to you in pure love to tell you that you are a spiritual being, that there is no death, and that we are all one.

When you know the truth, my friend, you will have peace of mind, you will know and feel God in heart and you will have the pathway towards your Almighty Father within yourself. Let God inspire your life and your self. Let love be your foremost inspiration, and love is of God.

Christ and all the prophets that you have from your sacred texts were all inspired by God. They received their revelation by meeting God within themselves and so can you my friend, so can you. Send a prayer to the Almighty Father and ask for guidance and you will be inspired and filled with love, because that is God. God is love.

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