12. Religion


There are many religions in your world, and they are all aiming for the same objective, and that is to come close to God.

God is love, and whatever religion you have, if you reach for love then you reach for God. From ancient times the people of the earth have looked upon the sky and said: “There must be a creator of this wonderful universe”, and the religions have formed scriptures based on the treasures that people have obtained when close to God.

Over time there have been misunderstandings and misinterpretations, because any deviation from love in any context must be wrong. Religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism all seek for God. They all seek for the highest, which is love for your fellow beings, love in its purest form.

All the prophets of your scriptures taught love so why are there so many misconceptions? We say this: The passions of the earth of materiality, of selfishness, of greed for power, misunderstanding and misjudgement over time, are the cause.

You are God’s children. How could the Almighty ever want anything more than a beautiful life for each and every one of us, as a good parent would love to do the same for their children that they love?

The people of the earth have, with their religion in hand, fought and created violence in the name of God. It cannot be more wrong, when your Father in heaven, your God, is the purest love there is.

When your Father in heaven sees that his children are fighting in his name, where there is no love for your fellow being, he cannot do anything else than cry.

God tries to raise you up spiritually so you can find the truth, because there is only one truth and that is love. Cast aside the greed and the need for power, selfishness, share your love with others, share your love with every human being, place others before yourself, then religions will be based on pure love, then religions will be your prayers to God, and then he will listen, rejoice and give you peace in your heart, the peace you are longing for.

Religions are there for you to reach higher spiritually, for serving God, for serving humanity, for love for your fellow beings. My friend, remember there is only one God, which is the purest love you can ever reach, and there is only one religion and that is love. Religions of the earth should be united, because they have the same objective, and we are all on our pathway towards God, towards the same God, and we are all spiritual beings united in love by the Almighty Spirit.

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