12. Raindrops


The scent of the flowers,
Fills your heart,
Fills your innermost being
The rain this day,
The mist that just has been cleared by the sunlight,
Reveals to you nature in such beauty, with such a wonderful smell.

The rain gives you
The wonders of nature,
Not only for your physical eyes
But also within yourself,
In the form of water drops,
Water that is there for nutrition and germination in nature,
For you to have the vital source of life on the table,
For you to sustain life,
The water drops that bring you the wonderful rainbow,
The rainbow from the sunlight,
The spectrum of the visible light,
For your own eyes when the raindrops are falling from the sky,
Falling from heaven.

Visible raindrops, unseen raindrops.
If you did not have the knowledge of water
It would be a mystery to you,
As with life itself.

Water gives you life,
Water carries memories,
Memories of yourself,
Memories of your world.
The water drops that become part of you have your memories,
Have your thoughts, within.
A mystery to you, a reality to us,
Us in the world beyond, that know life,
That know the mystery of raindrops,
That know the mystery of life itself.

Water builds you,
Builds the nature,
Builds your planet, Mother Earth.

Bless your water with the light of love
And your thoughts change this water,
The raindrops, every single molecule
That you have in your hands,
That you have in your physical self.

You can change yourself by your own thoughts,
By giving the water molecules within you other thoughts,
Thoughts of love, care and sharing,
By giving your love to your fellow beings,
By giving your love to your world.

So vital are the raindrops,
Vital for yourself,
Vital for your world to sustain life,
To build life,
To create life,
To evolve and to raise yourself towards the sun of light
That builds the rainbow, God within your self, heaven within.

Reflect upon the raindrops this morning that you see there out in nature,
Reflect upon the spectrum of light, the colours of nature,
The beauties that you can watch with your physical eyes,
The scent that the raindrops are giving you from the flowers,
From nature itself;
Let that be filled with love, with your own love.
That is your thought, the memory that you create in your world,
The water that gives you life on the earth plane,
The wisdom of God,
The wisdom of life.

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