12. Communication


“Hello, my friend”, that was a thought I sent you at this very moment. “We love you, we are your friends, we are your family, and we are your guides helping you as best we can”. When we send you these thoughts, this message, you perceive them within your inner self, your spiritual being. We transmit them likewise from our inner self. These vibrations of thoughts leave us like an electrical current. The vibrations of thoughts will affect your inner being dependent on what message is coming through.

When we send a thought of love, it touches a vibrational level within you. A vibration of kindness to your spiritual being, that gives nutrition of health and healing. A nonfriendly thought creates a vibration that is unhelpful. On earth you are exposed to so many thoughts and vibrations of good and bad, that you should know when to make a shield of protection against negative energy. This you can do with your aura field that you have to be conscious of. On our side of life, we are shielded when we live in a higher vibration where kindness is predominant. Then, vibrations of unkindness cannot penetrate.

Like attracts like. On this side of life, you can have communication of friendly vibrations only, if you so wish. On earth it is different, because you are on earth to learn, to learn the different vibrations of thought. Feel, be exposed and learn to shield yourself. Learn how you communicate in a friendly manner where kindness and love is predominant.

We communicate by thought, but you will have the option to speak as you do now. When you learn to receive thoughts, language is discarded in the spirit world, because communication by thought is so much more efficient and natural to your spiritual being. We send our thoughts in pictures or as a movie, and everything that we transmit to the recipient is clear and cannot be misunderstood, because it is real.

On earth communication creates misunderstandings, misinterpretations and may cause conflicts, because people express themselves in different manners with different levels of empathy. Even if they don’t mean to hurt someone with their thoughts and their language, they do so because words raise different associations within people’s minds. It all has to do with development within oneself.

My friend, your earthly life is a wonderful school. Your are here on earth to communicate with each other so you can penetrate the vibration and create an atmosphere of love, kindness, unselfishness and peace within. That’s your main objective. Communication is a wonderful tool with your languages to raise different kinds of feelings within so you can learn the thought vibration that you send and receive.

When you sit in stillness and communicate within yourself, you send thoughts to this side of the world, and thoughts of kindness and love penetrate the atmosphere, the wall between your world and our world. Actually it is not a wall, it is a very thin veil, an ultrathin veil that is there for you and for us to use as membrane for our communication between our two worlds. Give thoughts, communicate with your spiritual being, send thoughts within yourself which are of love, and you give nutrition to your inner being. Send love to others and you raise and receive love. That’s the law of the universe. We inspire you to do the good things in life. When you send good thoughts, you attract spirits from this side that love good thoughts and they will help you, expanding the loving thoughts within yourself. When you send thoughts of unkindness, you attract spirits that are unkind. So my friend, concentrate on good thoughts that will raise your self, your inner being, to a higher level of consciousness, a higher level of friendliness, which is the pathway to God and to his angels.

Communication is vital for solving conflicts in your world, for creating harmony among people and for creating peace within you. By communication you are in fact sending out your thoughts and your vibrations to the world because all the thoughts, all communication is part of the whole and the universal consciousness. Communications between people connect people. Connect yourself in love and you will raise yourself. Communication is your tool for reaching a higher consciousness of spirituality. Use it in the right manner, as it was supposed to be used for creating harmony and peace among nations and for humankind. The universal consciousness is expanding with communication. Let us expand the consciousness of your world with good vibrations, with good thoughts, with communications of kindness.

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