11. Understand what you Read


First of all understand yourself, my friend. Understand why you behave as you do. Understand your feelings, you inner feelings and your feelings towards others, towards your fellow beings. Know why you react as you do when people converse with you, confront you with their problems, with their views, with their ideas. When you evaluate the thoughts within yourself, they will cause a response and create the feelings of your spiritual self. By this you will know yourself, you will know why you have the behaviour towards others and yourself. See, my friend, when you receive love from others, when they say to you words that are positive to your inner being, then you create feelings within that are good, feelings that give you rest of mind for a while. When you receive words that are negative, that are of selfishness, your mind becomes troubled, and you will not have peace of mind. By this you can evaluate and know what affects your inner being and by that you will know yourself. This is something you should be aware of in your daily life, because it will lift you up spiritually. Concentrate and distinguish between love and selfishness.

When you raise yourself spiritually, when you put emphasis on the vital things in life, that are not of the material kind, know that the vital things are of God, and are of love. Fill and paint your inner self with love and then my friend, you will paint the world around you with love.

When you study spirituality, when you study what the ancient scriptures have within them, you will understand that there must have been many misinterpretations and misconceptions because they are not all based on love. When you read the scriptures or for that matter any kind of text, when the text fills your heart with love then it must be true. Christ taught love and nothing else. The sayings from Christ that are not of love cannot be his teachings, cannot be his sayings. He could not have said that he should be ransom for many, because God, his and our Father in heaven, would not sacrifice his children, his son, as we all are sons and daughters, children of God. No, my friend, Christ wanted us to follow him, because he was a bright light. He knew the way, he knew the pathway to God, and that is by love, that is by being unselfish yourself, that is by love for your neighbour, love for your fellow beings. He said that you will find the treasure within yourself, and this treasure is not of the earthly goods that will rust to mould and that you cannot bring with you to heaven. His teachings were purely love and faith in God.

You cannot just believe in Christ for your own salvation. You must understand what he stood for. You must understand his teachings of love, and that he wanted you to do the things that he did. You have to love, love your fellow beings, love the world and love Mother Nature. You have to help the least fortunate, you have to let others come first, you have to place yourself behind, you have to forget about yourself, as he did. That is the way for salvation.

Christ did not want to deny himself in the eyes of the Almighty. He did not want to deny himself because, as he said, “my Father and I are one”. He had to teach the truth about life and he became a threat to men in higher positions of the earth and that made the pathway to the cross. Understand what you read, my friend. Everything you read must be understood. When you have love painted within yourself and understand that love is of God, because your Father in heaven is unconditional love, and he will not, he will not, sacrifice any one of his children. He loves his children as you as a parent love your child, your children. What would you do, my friend, towards your children? You love them, you love them unconditionally, you forgive them, you help them, you show them the way, you wish them happiness, you carry them on your shoulders when you see they have lost themselves, you lift them up, you give of yourself, you leave yourself behind, you let your children come first, so does your Father in heaven.

Your Father, your Almighty Father is unconditional love, as you yourself would like to behave towards your children, but you as a father or mother know that your children need to learn, need to study, need to behave, need to understand what they read, understand life, so you let them learn, even though there are tears, you let them learn, and so does your Father in heaven, but he loves you as you love your child, your children. That is pure love, my friend.

Christ showed the way. He was a bright light, and he is a bright light with his teachings. Follow him and you cannot go wrong, but understand what you read, because he only taught love, he made no conditions for you to follow him but love. He told you, “love your neighbour and love God with all your heart”. You can raise yourself by his teachings spiritually and be a bright light for others to follow. Be a bright light, my friend. Raise yourself in love and you have the blessing from your Father in heaven, and you will find peace of mind. You will find peace in God. Have faith in God. Have faith in love. Have faith, my friend.

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