11. The Power of Mind


All that you have done in your eternal life is saved in your mind, in your subconscious mind. When in the physical body, you do not have the key to your subconscious mind in a rational manner.

The subconscious mind is overshadowed by your conscious mind, by your consciousness. Your conscious mind is what you have achieved when on earth from birth, through childhood and adulthood. But within your inner self, your mind is there from your eternal self. Pending on your spirituality, you have access to your subconscious mind. However, the subconscious mind is only storage of memories that you will have to bring up to your conscious mind for evaluation, interpretations and decisions. Some people dig into their subconscious mind when in the physical body. I can say to you this; that the subconscious mind should be regarded as a memory and nothing else.

Everything of importance to you in your present life is of the conscious mind. It’s within the conscious mind that you raise your spirituality, your love for your fellow beings and your unselfishness. The beauty inside, you create when on earth from struggle, to raise yourself from materialism to a higher level of consciousness towards love, towards God. Do not trust your subconscious mind, trust your conscious mind. Everything that comes from the subconscious should be treated with your intellect, with your reasoning, so you can be sure that all you have in your mind is of love and reason.

The doctors of the earth are occupied with your brain and how it is functioning. Your brain is an interaction between cells for different kinds of operations in life. That is good to know, but that is not your real mind. You real mind is your spiritual mind, but there is an interaction between your spiritual mind and your physical brain, so you can have your intellect in your physical body connected to perform the tasks of the earth.

Your mind is of infinite structure. You will never stop learning. You have within you an intuition that is from your eternal being. Follow your intuition when love dominates your thoughts. Love always prevails, always. Your mind is your spiritual being. We on this side, as well as on yours, create everything with our mind. This is a world of creativity, whilst your world is a mechanical one. What we create with our thoughts, with our mind, we receive if we have that power within ourselves. You create the power of the mind with love, with unselfishness, with tolerance, with help towards our fellow beings, by increasing your spirituality, increasing your love within towards others. You raise yourself by the power of the mind, the power of love, the power of God within, the God you are part of as a spiritual being.

Mind and consciousness is all there is. It’s Gods universal consciousness that we are part of. Let your mind be beautiful. Give thoughts to your mind that are of love, always, and you will raise yourself in mind and in life. By giving good thoughts to your mind, your mind will change in structure, and your thoughts in your brain will change. But the brain is only your physical part of your mind. It has no value when you come to this side, because everything is stored in your spiritual mind. All is there and nothing is forgotten. You will remember every second of your life, if you so wish, when you come to this side of life.

That’s why you must understand the importance of what you have in your mind. You can achieve peace within yourself, when you come to us, when you leave your physical body behind.

In your physical body you can, in a way, forget unpleasant episodes in life. On this side you will remember them and you will have to work your way out of them if they caused harm to yourself. You do this by charity, but you don’t have to wait until you come here. You can do this on earth, in your present life, and you can always raise yourself spiritually when on earth, by giving charity, by helping others, by love for your fellow beings, and then your mind will restructure and you will achieve a mind of beauty. Be mindful of your treasures that you create on earth, because you have heaven inside yourself. You make your own heaven. Make that heaven with love and respect for others, cast aside selfishness, cast aside vanity, cast aside greed and the need for power, and cultivate love and honesty, and your mind will evolve to a beauty that you can be proud of on either side of life. Mind is king. Let your mind be crowned by the Almighty in love for humanity.

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