11. Suffering

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Sometimes in your life, you have experienced something that has affected you adversely. It may have caused you severe pain to see others’ misbehaviour either towards yourself or towards others. You may have seen human beings in despair, suffering due to inhumanity, due to selfishness, due to cruelty and due to misuse of power.

Christ, as you know so well, suffered on the cross and millions after him have been tortured to death. They were all suffering; they were all suffering due to inhumanity, due to failures from people that misused their power. You can raise your voice and protest. You can, by nonviolent acts, protest against inhumanity. You can be a helping hand for the sufferers.

Suffering takes many forms. In your daily life, you see suffering of both the mental and the physical kind, suffering due to insufficient nutrition, suffering due to drugs and suffering due to misbehaviour. People may suffer due to inabilities, weaknesses or the fact that people are careless and leave other people in miserable conditions.

People who have an abundance of resources and still acquire possessions for no other reasons but themselves, are blindfolded by their selfishness. Their minds become blocked and they cannot see the despair of other people, but their own minds cause them trouble and they can only blame themselves for their miseries. Due to selfishness, people are causing problems and suffering to your world.

If you have lost your fortune, lost your job, lost a friend, lost a dear one, and do not have the knowledge of yourself that you are an eternal being and that you live for ever, then you will suffer until you climb spiritually and raise yourself above the material world.

Suffering is of the good when you can turn it to something better, when you can improve yourself, when you, in your suffering, climb in knowledge and understand the nature of yourself and your fellow beings. Suffering can ameliorate you to such a level where you earn complete felicity. Suffering can be of such a golden opportunity for you to see the beauty of yourself, the beauty in life.

Human beings that are suffering due to hunger have only this in mind, and it is difficult for them to raise themselves because their physical needs need to be fulfilled before they can manage their lives, before they can sow the seeds in the ground. You are here on earth to fulfil yourself, to give a helping hand to the misfortunate.

You see, my friend, there are many different kinds of suffering. Some are there to raise and improve your life, and some are there for you to give charity.

When you have your physical needs covered then suffering is there for you to improve yourself. You can be a helping hand for others. You can raise your empathy and your understanding, so you can become unselfish, so you can see the despair of other people, so you can see the despair of your world. Suffering is, in that respect, good for you, because it will raise your consciousness so you can find the treasure within yourself, the love for others, the love for your fellow beings, so you can see that acquiring possessions in your world is of no value to your inner self. You will not be happier when you raise yourself in material terms. You end up with a miserable life when you acquire wealth in abundance and have no eyes for the despair of your world.

If you have acquired richness in material terms, and see that there are human beings on earth that need your assistance, then give of yourself. My friend, if you follow the pathway of charity, you will raise yourself spiritually. You are here on earth to help each other; you are here to share resources so people can live in happiness and peace with each other and have love foremost in their lives.

When you receive this message in the right perspective, when you see the suffering of your world as a challenge for your helping hands, for you to bring love and charity, for you to bring comfort, for you to replace suffering with love, then you will find calmness of mind, then you will see that you can be that angel, that messenger of God, that gave the sufferer a helping hand. Then you can sleep well at night and you will have peace of mind, because you did what you could do. You did what was expected of you, and what your Father in heaven expected you to perform with his hands.

Always do what is in your power to help others, to soothe their suffering, because then you bring love and charity to your fellow beings, and you bring peace to yourself.

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