11. Singing Birds


A beautiful morning, I am listening to the birds that are outside my house. I think to myself, what a beautiful music, what a beautiful creation of musical pieces that I have just outside my window. I decide to walk outside, and the singing is getting louder. I hear the wonderful whistling, the wonderful tunes from the trees. I can see a blackbird with a red cherry in its mouth, its orange beak, what a beautiful sight, what a wonderful morning. The sight of the birds gives you peace and tranquillity because these tunes, the songs of the birds, are heavenly music, bringing you knowledge, knowledge of the birds that are in tune with each other, that create tunes that feel pleasant in one’s ears.

All of a sudden there is a new bird and a new tune. It gives a call, because it is not difficult to differentiate between singing and calls for their mates. I see the female has brought the male to its nest, bringing food to its nestlings, given to them by their creator from Mother Nature: insects, worms, seeds that they find on the ground, in the soil, in trees and in the air. You see, my friend, the birds, they are provided for and they commune with a language of God, a language of beautiful tunes, a language that they understand, that they can bring forward and be a tutor for their nestlings as you, my friend, do as well with your children. You are a tutor, as a mother, as a father, for your children and their expected behaviour, a behaviour filled with love and decency, love for their family, their big family on earth.

When you listen to wonderful classical music composed by human beings on earth, you will recall the morning when you listened to the birds singing outside your house, because the composers of your world use the singing birds in their work, consciously or unconsciously, and you know this because when you listen, you get the feeling that you have been listening to this before in nature.

What a wonderful creation the birds are, they have their own spirit, they survive the physical death and you can enjoy their singing, their tunes of love, in the world beyond as well. They are not gone; they are still around, bringing happiness and joy to your life, on either side of the veil.

You yourself can help the birds; you can bring a comfortable place in your surroundings for these airborne creations. When you do so, you will have them as friends because they will stay close, they will give you their tunes in the morning and during the day and keep you with company. You see what you give you receive. When you give love you receive love. That is the beauty of life, the beauty of nature. Mother Nature reveals to you such wonderful creations. Create a harmonious place and the birds brought to you by an unseen hand will sing for you giving you tunes of love, because the creation of God is of love.

Let the birds remind you of heaven, heaven where love is your friend. This beautiful morning reveals to you such wonders the creation of your Father in heaven brought to you on earth for you to have a glimpse of the beauty that you can find within yourself, heaven within with singing birds that keep you happy and at peace.

Singing birds bring you the knowledge, the wisdom of God, with their instincts, with their language, with their tunes from heaven. Let the birds soar over you when you fall asleep at night, and they will carry you, your spiritual self, because, my friend, you may enter the world of spirits, the world where the birds sing for you as they did this beautiful morning, when you bring love to the world, as they do with their songs of love for you to enjoy on your earth plane.

Your spirit is like a bird. A spirit can fly, the spirit of God. Fly, soar over your brothers and sisters and pour love over them and you will be given wings of love by your Father. The White Dove is you when you have love in your heart, when you bring peace to your world.

Let the singing birds bring you in tune for your tasks on the earth plane, for your mission to bring love and to be part of the healing work on earth.

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