11. Rehearse

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From birth your parents taught you what to do and not to do. You grew up as a child having this repetition of what to do and not to do in your mind. Many are fortunate to have an upbringing of love and many are not.

Anyhow, in your upbringing as a child, in your youth and even in adulthood, you have rehearsed because you have had the experience from your own behaviour of what to do and not to do.

You have been given the choice between different actions in life, and you have been taught both the wrong actions and the right actions, and in adulthood you should have arrived at a position in life where you yourself can see right from wrong, according to values of morality and love.

In school you were taught different subjects, you were taught to read, you were taught to think by yourself, to reflect on your reading, you were taught to put letters together, how to read and write, you were taught to place numbers in the right sequence, you were taught arithmetic and to give logic to your mind. You were taught about history, you were taught of disciplines in life that could become your pathway when you reached adulthood, that could keep yourself and your family with income. You have all, through years of learning, rehearsed, and that is the way of life because it has to be perfect in your mind, similarly to when actors are forming a play. They rehearse, practice and play the scenes over and over again to have everything in order with its shapes and forms so that their audience can follow and understand the thoughts and pictures that they create. And so it is with everything in life, it is rehearsal within your mind, building itself up. That is how your network in your mind becomes fastened and in order.

Now, everything that is of rehearsal is not always of the positive kind, because when you rehearse procedures, routines in life that hold down your own creative force, you are not evolving. When you let the network of atoms in your mind have the freedom, the free will, so they can form new chains, so they can form new pathways, you evolve, and you understand more. Your technology can enhance your creativity and evolvement further and bring comfort to people of the earth. The dogmas of religions will not open up for creativity. They will not bring more light into your world, because they hold you back.

So when you rehearse, you should open up for new pathways in life, where you can see new doors opening. Rehearsal of dogmas in life will not give you the truth of yourself, because they tell you stories from ancient times that are not necessarily true, because many are misinterpreted and misunderstood, and when they tell you that there is only one belief, then say to yourself that, according to my own mind, there are many doors in the universe, in life, and I would like to open all the doors and evaluate myself what is behind all the doors, what is behind the stories in life, the stories from ancient times.

Rehearsal of good moral values, rehearsal for bringing love and charity, for keeping selfishness behind when you perform your daily tasks when you are in communication with your fellow beings, rehearsal for being honest and for being truthful to oneself, rehearsal for being in communion with God by praying and by understanding oneself, understanding the wisdom of the universe, then, my friend, rehearsal is building you up, will evolve you, will let you climb spiritually, because when you come closer to your Creator, when you rehearse and nurture this communion, then you are at your origin that is where your treasure in life is.

On the Bridge of Love, to have communion with your loved ones and friends from the world beyond, you need to practise, you need to have patience, you need to have an abundance of patience, because building the bridge with the blessing of your Father must be done in love, must be done without selfish thoughts, must be done in humbleness, and you have to rehearse over and over again to build the bridge, rehearse with God.

It is the child that wants to learn the songs of love, and the mother and the father rehearse with the child every word over and over again so the child can find the true love within the song, can find him or herself in this song of love. Rehearsal in the subject of love is always building you up, is always creating new pathways in your mind because love is the power of the universe, and love has created all there is. So love is the key to all the doors that bring you the treasure of God in your life. And remember, my friend, that God has created all there is and his consciousness is unconditional love, so what he has created is of love, but he has given you, as a human being, free will, and he wants you to extend this free will beyond the limits of dogmas from your religions, because much has been misinterpreted. Everything that is of love is the truth, everything that is contrary to love is wrong and not the truth. And when you know that your Father, the Almighty Spirit, is pure love, then you must understand that what you have been taught is there for you to reflect upon and to make you own decision about. Rehearse with love in your mind on the vital things in life, because everything is learning and everything demands your work, demands your repetitions of tasks to ultimately find your true self.

You were given free will in your life on earth. Use your free will for the good of others and then you in return will reap your own goodwill. Let your free will be of love. And when you rehearse with this in mind you can never go wrong, because when you rehearse in love, you rehearse with your Creator, you rehearse with God. That is how you climb spiritually when you find the pathway and you keep on this pathway, the pathway of honesty and truthfulness to yourself. Then you fill yourself with the beauties of life, all the way, and you are learning and practising, and rehearsing towards oneness with God, towards the love where the treasure of life is found, the heaven that you create within yourself.

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