11. Leave War and Conflicts


In heaven, war and conflicts are abandoned. War and conflicts are humanmade. War and conflicts are made of the passions of your earth, passions of your physical body, and the passions are there for you to master on the earth plane, for you to see above, for you to raise yourself above, for you to heighten yourself above, because war and conflicts belong to the animal kingdom on your material plane, the animal instinct of survival.

The human race has the intellect and the insight to understand that war and conflicts can only bring destruction. War and conflicts are misbehaviour and are not of the consciousness of love, the consciousness of God.

Entering into war is a defeat. Then you have lost your human dignity. Going to war creates the animal instinct in yourself, and you create that instinct by yourself, because that is not of God. It is not human to slaughter brothers and sisters on the earth plane, because you are one big family, and destroying your brother and sister is cruelty and violence and not the love that you shall give to your neighbour, to your brethren, to humanity.

Conflicts are there on the material plane to raise yourself, so you can find your true self, so you can raise yourself spiritually, so you can solve misconstrued behaviour, misconceptions of yourself and the passions of the earth. Conflicts are miscomprehension of your free will, misunderstanding of your Father. When you see your opponent as your brother and sister, when you see them as children of the same God as yourself, when you see the spark of your Father within every human being, the love that he gave to every child on this very earth plane, then you will hesitate to destroy what was created by your Father, your Father in heaven that is love, that gave you life here on earth to develop, to evolve, to find your true self. My friend, people that are in conflict have misunderstood the truth of life, the wisdom given by your Father, the wisdom of life, the wisdom of the universe. God is love, and when you heighten yourself spiritually, you will see that you are made out of love and that your path will be towards the oneness of your Father when you understand yourself, when you find that the material plane was the school of life for you to acquire knowledge, for you to raise yourself, for you to master the earth plane, the passions of yourself.

War and conflicts bring only violence and cruelty and misbehaviour towards your fellow beings, and my friend keep this in mind: that what you do when you raise your sword and kill another human being is you kill your brother and sister, the human being that was made by God. You must raise yourself above cruelty and violence and understand life, understand humanity. You must understand that people on the earth plane are of different spirituality, that some are undeveloped, and you are there to help them to find a solution where they can be treated as individuals as yourself, to find prosperity, to find peace of mind, and you have the resources in your world to help every child, every child of your Father in heaven. You are one big family. Do not forget this, my friend: you are all children of God.

But you might ask when you have terrorists, when you have people that have misconstrued conceptions of life and of themselves and you then look at their behaviour, why they came to that position in life, and dig deep. You have to see the complete picture of the human being to understand, and when you understand you will see that something went out of hand at some time in the past, and when you have raised yourself, you will understand that to solve this is the way to resolve conflicts in your world.

Selfishness and misuse of power is the major cause of inequality, and in this term ‘inequality’ you will find so much disturbance, so much conflict that are raising themselves in human beings because they, as for all, want to have progression, they want to have prosperity in their own society, in their own family, in their own group of people, because they see the suffering of their own children, the suffering that is caused by selfishness of the wealthy, of the countries that have weapons of destruction, that keep them under their feet. My friend, to solve the conflicts of your world, you will have to share resources, you will have to leave selfishness behind, you will have to give love and opportunities for everyone. Equality in the world is a major objective for you to attain, for you to strive for, because when people have the necessary food to sustain life and the comfort that is needed for a good life, then conflicts will leave the consciousness of people. Freedom and equality will solve many conflicts and wars in your world.

When people of the earth know the truth of life, that there is no death, that life on earth is the school of life that all have to attend to perfect themselves, when they know that they live on beyond the physical world, that they will open a door to a new world where war and conflicts are abandoned, where there is equality, where all are of the same importance, where all children of God are conscious of their Father, then, my friend, you will have heaven on earth, because people will know that what they do unto others they do unto themselves. Every one of you can create a beautiful heaven within yourself, and that is where you have your treasure in life, a treasure that will not rust or vanish. It will be part of you and be transparent in the world beyond.

When people sow the seed of violence and cruelty, then that is what they will meet on the other side of life, because that is what they have in their mind, in their consciousness. The pictures of cruelty and violence that people create for themselves on the earth plane will be their own hell on this side of life. That is the difference my friend between heaven and hell. You create your own conditions. You create destruction to your mind when you leave a world with such traces and pictures of mind, but when you leave love and peace, then that is what you create within and receive. You see everything is transparent from your world to our world. You will live on and you will have to make up for all your failures you have made on earth. Similarly, the good deeds that you made will be your treasure in the world beyond.

So, my friend, when you know this you will change in behaviour, because you are a universe yourself; you create your own thoughts that become part of you, that are you, and when you sow love on your pathway, you become part of the consciousness of love, and the consciousness of God. You become one with God when you become love yourself, and that is where you find supreme love and peace of mind.

The world beyond is a real world and full of opportunities, a world where you may use all your abilities and talents for a wonderful life. Make sure, my friend, that you bring with you a mind of love to this side so you can have a peaceful and wonderful life, a life of endless challenges and opportunities. Do not come to this side and end up in a hospital for natural disorders, because that is what you will have when you leave cruelty and violence on your pathway. There is always help for you on this side, there is a helping hand to all children of God, but bring clarity of mind, bring the wisdom of God to your mind when you are on earth, because on earth you have the potential to create a beautiful way of life, a way of life that will be extended to the world beyond when you leave your physical body behind.

Leave war and conflicts. They are not of God. They are humanmade. You can be in oneness of God in love. You can take that consciousness and bring peace and love to your earth plane. You have the wisdom to solve all conflicts. You have the answer to fulfil yourself on earth, so you can be the hands of God, that you were meant to be on earth, and God sows love, God solves conflicts with peaceful means, with love.

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