11. Building your character


Building your character is what you should strive for in life. By giving thoughts to your actions, you can perceive your life and see what affects your inner being and your personality.

Your character is your behaviour towards others and yourself. When you meet challenges in life, you bring them on board, and then you evaluate them. These challenges change your patterns of thinking. Then keep in mind that the challenges you are meeting are there to raise you up and to teach you about life, teach you how to deal with difficulties and to manifest a behaviour towards others that is of love, patience and helpfulness.

Know what people want and strive for, and the more you know, the more you can understand their behaviour in life. In turn you can make better decisions. Place yourself in their shoes, listen and seek understanding. Know how you yourself would like to be treated.

Love, honesty, patience, understanding, fairness, helpfulness and responsibility are the keys to a higher standard of character. Know that what you do unto others, you do unto yourself, to your own consciousness. Always keep this in mind, and then you will change in character to the better.
We all would like to have a nice life, a life of wellbeing. So why are people difficult with others? Because they don’t have this knowledge or don’t give it much thought. Most problems you encounter in public affairs, in family and in communication with others, are caused only by yourself, your behaviour and your character.

A life in discernment, a life in respect for others, a life in humbleness, a life in love for your fellow beings, builds up your character.

Know that your character and your personality is what you bring over to the other side of life. Then you know how important it is to conquer yourself. Stand up and be an example for others to follow, then you build up your surroundings, the people around you, because all of us appreciate good people with high morals, high ethics and good values in life, which is your character, which also builds up your future in life.

People appreciate a good character because they know by themselves, that the highest standard of values are the most difficult to achieve.

And for you, seeking leadership. True leadership is something you are given based on your character and personality, not something you should strive for by power. When people know your true behaviour of fairness, consideration and helpfulness, yes, your true interest in people and their welfare then and first then, you are a true leader.

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