11. A Meadow of Flowers

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The light of love shines upon the earth,
The sun reveals to you the power of the universe,
The light of love creates life,
The beauties of nature,
The wonderful blue planet
That was created for you to create a meadow of love,
A meadow of flowers.

When you sow your seeds in the mould, the seeds of sunflowers,
You create such wonderful specimens that were all prepared,
Given to you, from the very beginning.
Create that wonderful flower by your own thoughts,
Create that love that gave life to that sunflower,
That brought it into being,
That gave it the shape and form that smiles at you,
That reflects the sunlight in your own face.
Become that sunflower,
Become that love,
That was given to you,
That was brought to you
Before you even thought of your own creation,
Before you even were brought alive here on Mother Earth.

When you sow a seed of love,
When you sow the seed of the sunflower,
Remind yourself of the creative force
That made it possible,
Remind yourself of the love that was given to you,
The beauty of nature itself,
The beauty that you have within,
That created such beautiful thoughts of love.

When you prepare a meadow of sunflowers,
A meadow of love,
You create a path on Earth and within yourself,
A path that reveals your earthly love,
Like the rivers that eventually join the ocean of love.

My friend, you can make a path on the earth plane,
A path of love,
You can create a meadow of heavenly love,
And when you all join forces
And create sunflowers of love over the planet,
A meadow of sunflowers, a meadow of love,
You create heaven on Earth,
You fulfil the Creation of love by your own love.

Love, Care, Share.

That is the beauty of life,
That is the beauty of yourself.

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