10. The Spirit

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In your daily life you have so many tasks, you have so much to care for that you forget about the divine being that you are, the spirit of God, the spirit of love, a spirit in this vast universe, permeating throughout your body in this material life. You have been given such wonderful conditions; a Mother Nature that gives you such pleasure with all its beauties, with all its living beings, all being part of the divine spirit that made all, the Almighty Spirit. God is love and he has made such conditions on this earth plane for you to find happiness, for you to find the truth of life, for you to see that love is foremost, that you are all brothers and sisters, that you must share with each other because you are one big family.

The spirit that you have within yourself, keeps you alive, keeps your physical flesh alive. If you did not have this power within, you would be non-­‐existent. The spirit of your self should be your predominant force and not the material passions that are of the physical flesh.

You can turn your spirit into such a beauty, into such a treasure, when you fulfil your self, when you bring love to your world, when you see that love is of God, and that you were made out of this power as everything else in the universe. It has been and it is an evolution, it cannot be a revolution, the evolvement of your self and the universe.

It comes to your mind: “Well I see myself, I see all the people of the earth, I see the universe, I see the stars, I see with the microscope and the telescope worlds that are beyond my comprehension, but I have problems to see how love, the force of the universe can make myself?” That question is of the material kind, because you are just one vibration and the worlds unseen to yourself that you cannot see with your microscope or telescope are of a grosser or finer vibration. You know from science and also from utilities at home, that the electricity that brings you light in your living room is coming from your electrical socket, but even though you cannot see the power, the electricity, you know it is there. And that is the same as with your spirit, it is there with its own pulse, it is an unseen friend that keeps you alive.

When you bring attention to your self, to your inner self, to your true self, you make contact with this beauty within, the spiritual self, that you can nourish and bring to such a level that you become spiritually lifted up to the wisdom of God within. Then you will turn yourself to Mother Nature and see its revelation, see how the living organisms are adjusting themselves to this material plane, how the sun brings nutrition for them to grow, for them to come through even in the most harsh conditions.

The spirit you have within is of God, is of the same power as everything else in the universe that you can see with your physical eyes, that you can observe through your technology. All has been made, because, my friend, you know that something cannot come from nothing. That is a fact.

Stars are born, and stars die. And so it is with your star, the sun. It has been born, and it will eventually die. But to you, your star is eternity, and from science you also know that it is an evolution. So, my friend, when you look upon the sky at night, and see the stars, see the evolution going on every day, you must understand that you were created by the birth of a star and its creation of planets. The spirit survives the physical death. When you have accomplished the school of life here on earth, your spirit revives and your physical body becomes dust.

On the Bridge of Love, your Father has given you the opportunity for communion with souls that live in another vibration, in the spirit world, souls that were incarnate beings on the earth sometime in the past. You can meet your friends and loved ones on this bridge that is built by the hands of love, built by the hands of your Father. That is a fact, my friend, but you will need patience and courage. You must understand that the truth is not unfolded by revolution, but by evolution, and so it is with the Bridge of Love. It takes time. It is a work that you need to accomplish before you yourself can touch the truth, the truth of life itself, that there is no death, that your spirit is alive even after your physical death.

Become love yourself, as your Father in heaven is love. Because it is in love your spirit becomes your treasure, becomes your beauty in life where you find peace and the wisdom of God, the truth of life itself. Heaven is within you, heaven is created by yourself in love for your fellow beings, and your spirit becomes that heaven, becomes that love. The love you can bring to the world by your own small steps is like a brook that meets the ocean one day, the ocean of love, the heaven of God, where you all become one.

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