10. The Secret of Thought


Thoughts are real. They are as real as yourself. Thoughts are made up of your consciousness, of your subconscious and the universal consciousness. You are influenced by thoughts that are around you. Think about the radio signals, the TV signals, signals from the mobile phones, they are all around you, and so also are thoughts from other human beings, thoughts from the past, thoughts from the present and thoughts from the future. You are, in a way, like a receiver and transmitter. Just like the radio device. You create thoughts in your mind, within you inner self, and the human brain with its thought patterns is the control that brings the intelligence and these thought patterns together, that you, your conscious self, make a core of and decide what to do with, because you yourself are the master of your thoughts. You can control your thoughts and your thought patterns, in whatever direction you will like them to be and stay within yourself, but it is difficult to control your feelings.

Remember that the thoughts are physical substance and, if you think of them as such, it may be easier for you to discard some thoughts and lift up others. Think of good thoughts, think of thoughts that are of love, that are of unselfishness, and you will build up a power of such thoughts within yourself, within your subconscious, that will help you to keep them alive, to let these thoughts dominate your inner being. Then, my friend, you will build up a force, a power within yourself, which is exactly those thoughts of love and unselfishness, and they will bring you thoughts of higher consciousness, because then you will attract similar kinds of thoughts. You will attract other human beings that have similar kinds of thoughts, and you will unite with such people in your world, in your mind, within the universal consciousness, and you will join forces and connect to the power of love, which is God. You will build yourself up, with thoughts of kindness towards humanity, you will reach a spiritual level that will bring you peace and confidence and make you strong. You will overcome the struggles of the earth, struggles of materiality and passions that hold you down.

When you can control your thoughts, and control them by the power of love, you can make yourself a beauty of peace within, a beauty of light, a beauty that is far above the knowledge that you can ever picture in a world of materiality. You will create a beauty where thoughts create the surroundings, the paradise that you searched for and made for yourself.

With the power of love, kindness and unselfishness, you will be in a position to raise others, to help others towards a finer condition of life, because you will have attributes that are superior. You will have a power within yourself that is of God, given to you by God for raising your fellow beings towards the light and to show them the pathway towards their Father in heaven where they can find peace within, where they can find tranquillity and calmness of mind.

Be the master of your thoughts here on earth. Then you know your pathway. Then you know your mission in life. The universe is created by thought, by the thought of God, by the thought of love, and you are all part of the universal consciousness and the universal thought.

We all contribute with our thoughts for the wellbeing of others. Start today my friend with kindness toward your fellow beings. Concentrate yourself on good thoughts and they will lift you up to a higher level of consciousness. Sow good thoughts everywhere and you will harvest love and kindness, which is the secret of thought.

Make it your pathway, and you will build up the power within that will conquer the struggles on earth. You make the heaven within yourself by thought, and you make the paradise with thoughts on this side of life.

Be the master of your thoughts within.

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