10. The Séance – the Bridge

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The communion with the spirit world may be termed a séance, the bridge between our two worlds, the earth plane and the spirit world. The séance can be regarded as a meeting between souls, incarnate and discarnate, that rejoice in love for each other. It may be your friends that have passed on, or your family members, your dear ones, that you would like to be in communion with, or maybe you just want to explore the next dimension of life that you one day will enter. I can say this to you my friend: To obtain a pure channel, a Bridge of Love, you have to paint yourself, and the conditions you are in, with love. Love must prevail when you seek communication with discarnate beings, with the spirit world, because it is in love you have the hands of the Almighty around you with his blessings. He is your protection from undeveloped spirits.

When you are on earth, you enjoy the company of people that you feel good with, that give you love, and that you are in sympathy with. Well, it is the same with the séance, where you are in communion with spirits that are attracted to your thoughts, and to your love. When on earth you can establish such a meeting place as Christ did with his friends. You remember the séance on Mount Hermon where darkness prevailed, because it is in darkness that you can join the two worlds in love, and create the living force between you. It is like the child in the womb of the mother, darkness must prevail.

Now, when you reach higher in spirituality, you create conditions within the séance for spirit light, light that is created by the living force that will enable you to see and meet spirits from the other side in materialised form. This living force must be exuded from the medium, as Christ did to materialise Moses and Elijah on Mount Hermon. So it must be with you as well. You will need a medium that has developed spiritually and that has the capability of producing this living force, the Ectoplasm as you term it.

If you decide to create a communion with the spirit world, then you sit together with friends. You pray to God for his protection and guidance. However, creating the communion with the spirit world is not easy. It takes time. You need an abundance of patience to create the right atmosphere, to create the energy of love within yourself, among your friends and in the séance. You have to lift yourself up to meet your dear ones, your friends on the other side, to create the conditions of love, the love from God. I say this: that without the love from the Almighty Father nothing will happen, nothing. If you create conditions where material ends and selfishness are predominant among you, then you will have disturbance. So, my friend, you yourself need to create the right conditions for reaching the love of God.

Building up this energy that you receive from your Father in heaven, may take years to develop within the séance, but if you are persistent, have patience and have faith in God, then everything is possible, everything. Remember the saying from Christ: “You shall do the works that I do and greater works than I” and that is so true, because Christ showed the way. He showed how he could, with the right conditions, materialise and show himself and his spiritual being. He materialised himself in full form to show his friends that there is no death. There is no death, my friend.

Christ, Moses and Elijah were not the only ones that materialised. Many before them have done so, and even today it is happening. Materialisations are demonstrated, but it is rare. If people of the earth knew, if they had experienced that materialisations are true, and that life goes on, the earth would be a nice place for everyone, because then people would know that they have to behave, that they have to share with others, because you reap as you sow. You have nothing of material goods that you can bring over the bridge to the spirit world, nothing. Everything must be left behind. The only and the most precious treasure that you will bring with you is the love that you gave to others, the help you gave to the least fortunate, and the unselfishness that raised you up spiritually on earth.

Think of this, my friend. You can have a treasure on the other side that will give you such peace within and such a bright light that will be glorified in the eyes of the Almighty, the treasure that you have built up within yourself, and this treasure of love will be crowned by the Almighty when you cross the bridge to the spirit world from your physical plane.

Raise yourself spiritually my friend, raise yourself and you will meet the most wonderful paradise that you can ever imagine in your mind, a treasure that gives you peace of mind both on your side and on this side. The bridge is there, it is open, communion with the spirit world is open, but first seek God and when you have love in heart and faith in God, then you are prepared to enter into communication with the spirit world, then you are ready for the Bridge of Love.

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