10. Sympathise


When you find yourself among people that have gathered in a mission to sympathise and protest against people that have misbehaved, that have caused suffering to other human beings, animals or Mother Nature, you raise yourself, your inner voice, your spiritual self, with love for the cause and the friends that you feel solidarity with.

The suffering and despair of your world is humanmade, and it is your duty as a responsible human being to raise your voice with peaceful means or with your silence, but with your presence that can subjugate misbehaviour with love from yourself; your voice or your silent presence in solidarity. When you raise your voice and hands by peaceful means and show people that their selfishness brings suffering, violence and misbehaviour to humans and Mother Nature, you contribute, you give of yourself when telling your world that there is a misconduct that cannot be tolerated, an act that is not of love, the love that your planet is made of, that you are made of, that Mother Nature is made of. Love is a universal principle for raising yourself, the human race and your planet. Selfishness and greed, misuse of power, exploitation and misuse of Mother Nature are destroying your world, and you, my friend, can be one of the people that march ahead and show that love, peace and humbleness are the way to generate the beauty for you all on this very beautiful blue planet.

Bringing sympathy into your world is the same as bringing love into your world, but bring the sympathy of yourself to the people of your world that suffer, to Mother Nature that needs your response and protection from other people’s exploitation. And everything you do, my friend, when you sympathise, everything you do must be with peaceful means, because you yourself are then giving the direction for solving conflicts in your world, for making harmony foremost and for bringing the wisdom of God to your earth plane.

In the world beyond, we sympathise with your world. We give love to your world, and we try to influence you so you can follow the pathway of your Father in heaven, the pathway of love, of humbleness, of selfless conduct, because it is then you show real and true sympathy for the people that you love, for your beautiful blue planet, and for Mother Nature that you so dearly love and will leave for the next generations as the paradise that you have within yourself, that you create in love for your children. The heaven within yourself you can descend upon the earth plane when you find the pathway of love.

In your world, you can make a huge difference. You can make a huge step for healing your world, for bringing heaven to the earth plane, the heaven of love, peace and harmony. You, my friend, can sympathise with the sufferer of your world. You can show the people that are materialminded and only think of themselves, that misuse their influence in your world, that exploit your world, you can show them with your voice, with your human body, your presence, that you do not accept that behaviour, you can show them that democracy and a life in modesty is the way of life, a life where there is sufficient food for everyone, where equality is the key for bringing harmony into your world, into every country and into every home.

Dictatorships are of the past. Democracy is the future. Security and protection for all must be dominant. The nations of your world must cooperate, must look upon themselves and use their eyes on countries where welfare and equality is predominant, countries that have reached welfare for all of their people, countries that care and share with those that are misfortunate, that lack comforts and necessities in their lives. Everyone must learn from each other, everyone must help each other, everyone must find the truth of life that there is no death, that you live on and that you make your own destiny, your own heaven on earth, the heaven that you can bring out to your world and make beautiful.

When people know the truth and every brother and sister on earth share with each other, find the love that was given to them by their Father in heaven, the love that you are, the love that you truly are within but that you have to find to find your true self, then you see that you are made out of love, and that you truly are love within. But the material aspect of yourself you are here to find, to understand and comprehend, that part of you that has all the passion of your world is there as a part of your curriculum to master in life. All is there for you to raise yourself, to find your real self, and when you and the world comprehend this wisdom, then you will know that there is only one pathway in life and that is love for all. Look back on past times and see that all the cruelty and misbehaviour of your world was in fact caused by yourself, because your Father in heaven provided you all with love, pure love, because he made you, he made the universe, he made all there is, and when you find your inner self, you will see that the revelation from your Father is love, only love, because your Father is love.

Sympathise with people that need your protection, that need your charity, that need your love, that need your humbleness, that need your peace, and that also need resources to sustain life. My friend, share with others, live a life of simplicity and modesty, then you will have all you need; love and peace of mind. You will know that when you give of yourself, when you sympathise with your world, you will find heaven within yourself, and you will bring that thought to the wholeness of the creation, of God’s creation. Then you become part of the consciousness of love in the universe, the universal consciousness of love. When you, my friend, can comprehend and understand the wisdom of this universal law, then you will truly find the key to open all the hearts on the earth plane, so all can see the wonders that you can bring to your world, to all living creations of your Father, to the children on earth and to Mother Nature.

God sympathises with you, but he has given you free will and the school of life here on earth to find your true self, to find the wisdom that was given to you at birth, that you have within yourself when you search. “Seek and you shall find.” That expression is as valid today as it has been from ancient times, but you have to seek my friend, nothing comes by itself, everything must be created within your mind, everything must be built by love to find the treasure of life.

Walk in that parade and show your sympathy for fairness, justice and love for your brothers and sisters on earth and for Mother Nature.
Walk in that parade with love in heart, love and peace, and people of the earth will become aware of a new wisdom in life, a wisdom where cruelty, violence, exploitation and misuse of power are dishonoured.
Walk in that parade by peaceful means, by showing the world that you care, that you protest against the misbehaviour of other people, and that there is only one word in your parade and that is love, love for your neighbour and love for humanity. Let that parade of love march over your world so that mind becomes a bright light that can be seen from outer space, that can be seen from the world beyond, and we will rejoice with you in love, and the hands of God will rest upon the earth plane in love for his children that can be seen from outer space, because love is truly real, love is of God, and love made all there is.

You cannot fight the mightiest power in the universe. You cannot fight God. You cannot fight love, because God is love. Let love prevail over all. Let love reign over your world.

Love is the force that you have within. That force can build your world in love when you stay together and bring sympathy to your world. A world of sympathy will raise your world spiritually.

Love and sympathy will create heaven on earth.

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