10. Sweet Dreams


You wake up in the morning,
A lovely atmosphere,
A lovely life,
A wonderful paradise of nature’s beauties,
A wonderful dream.

And all of a sudden, being part of your mind,
What a beauty,
What a life I had created within my self,
What a wonderful creation my mind experienced,
A dream that I did not want to leave,
A dream where I felt at peace,
A dream where love prevailed,
Love among friends,
Love among people,
People that I did not know,
That cared, shared and loved,
Loved you for who you are.

My friend, your dream was a reflection of heaven within,
Of God’s wisdom brought to you by your conscious mind,
A dream that you can make a reality here on Earth,
A dream that was given to you for you to have a glimpse of the afterlife,
Given to you in love,
For you to comprehend what life is about,
For you to understand that love is everything,
That love is there for you to employ on Earth,
For you to share,
For you to give,
For you to give of yourself.

You can make this dream come through
When your heart is filled with love,
You will be God’s hands on Earth,
Hands of love,
Hands of wisdom.

Care, Share, Love.

That was the wisdom of your dream,
That was the wisdom of your innermost being,
The wisdom that gave you life here on Earth,
To find the truth, the truth within yourself,
The love that created you,
That you are here to share,
That you are here to bring forth
In love for your fellow beings,
For your brothers and sister in this material life,
So you all can raise yourselves spiritually,
So you can find the balance,
The balance between the material and the spiritual aspect of living,
Because in this balance you will find the wisdom,
The love that brought you to this earth plane,
That brought you to this life.

Create heaven on Earth,
Make your dream come through,
Make your dream be a reality on Earth
As it is in heaven, heaven within yourself,
The paradise that you create,
That you bring with you to the next life,
To the world beyond.

Your conscious mind can be brought alive.
You have your free will,
Make that free will be of love,
Let yourself be of love.

A wonderful journey on the earth plane,
Made alive in your dreams,
Made alive here on Earth.

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