10. Seek and You Shall Find


Hidden treasures on earth are there for you to find, are there for you to explore, are there for you to learn from, and are there for you to enhance your life on the earth plane. With your technology you have developed facilities that have enhanced your life in material terms, and also your own comfort in your daily life. You have gained modern transportation that moves you quickly over long distances. You have explored the earth plane for resources, to acquire energy to drive your world, to drive your technology. Within quantum physics you can see that there is more to life than you with your present technology can understand, and you will someday appreciate that there are different levels of understanding, different levels of being, and that you are but on one level, the earth plane, on the material level. All the discoveries that you have made and the treasures that lie ahead are there for you that are seeking and exploring and you are using the mind of the past, your logic and the network that you have built up within yourself, that you have from history, education, the research of other people, and so in that manner you are progressing.

Your computers have revolutionised your treatment of huge amounts of data and have computerised much in your daily life. You have all, within a short period of time, acquired the knowledge and become accustomed to these tools, and it would be difficult for you to be without them, because they are now part of your life, and influence how you attend to and perceive things. All this is of the good, when it is used for the purpose of enhancing your comfort in life, for bringing wealth and prosperity for all.

But there is a treasure in life that you may still not have found and this treasure is of the spiritual kind, that you, as with technology, will have to seek for, and I can assure you that when you seek you will also here find, and that treasure is within yourself, my friend. You are a spirit, you are an eternal being, and you are of God, the Almighty Spirit, and we all have the divine spark within ourselves.

People are of different spirituality when on earth. We have different attitudes, different behaviour, and different mindsets. We have had different upbringings from childhood, and we are all different, but we all have the same divine spark within, and this divine spark is of God. So when you watch other people and their behaviour, then you can say to yourself that these people that misbehave have not climbed the spiritual ladder, and they have to learn, but the divine spark within them is of love, and that is why you should even love your enemies, because we all have this beauty within ourselves that we received at birth.

As you have from your scriptures, and as Christ said: “Love your enemies”. Well, when you know that the divine spark is within all, then it is easier for you to love your enemies whilst you cannot love their misbehaviour, you can love the divine light. Be the light, you can show the way, you can sow love on your pathway, so you can fulfil yourself, so you can show the divine spark as your own behaviour.

Seek and you shall find, a saying of Christ, and it has been used from ancient times, and it is applicable in other areas as well for finding your true self. My friend, knowledge is the gateway for understanding yourself, and we on this side of the veil can help you, we can show you the way, and we can meet you on the Bridge of Love. We can be in communion with each other, so you can have the knowledge that we have, that we possess in the world beyond, because we can see with our spiritual eyes a world of knowledge that you cannot see with your physical eyes, but you have to ask to find, you have to search, you have to build this Bridge of Love, and there is only one way of reaching this level, and that is to humble yourself and seek the divine spark within, to find the love that you were given at birth, and then my friend, you will develop yourself and climb the ladder of spirituality.

Spirituality is the treasure in life that you should seek for yourself, and that you should show the way for others to reach. It is a treasure and a beauty that you can build up within yourself, that can be a wonderful place for you, the heaven within yourself where you can find calmness and peace of mind when on earth and in the world beyond, because this treasure is not destroyed by moth and rust, but will be part of you when you come to this side of life, where you can enjoy its beauties and wonderful paradise. You are then in God’s heaven, because you are in oneness with your Father.

God is all there is. God is love and you build the bridge with the hands of God. And then, when you search, when you ask, you will find heaven, the knowledge that you have been searching for. In your material world it is easy to be taken by the passions of selfishness, greed and vanity obstacles that are there for you to raise yourself above and they will hold you back from reaching the superior knowledge of life, your own spirituality that you can find within yourself, the wisdom of God. So, when you seek you must be sure that you seek in pure love, because that is where you will find the most beautiful treasure of life that goes beyond your material technology, that goes beyond everything in the material life.

On the Bridge of Love, you can have the proof of the afterlife. We can give you the proof. We can, when the right conditions are set, materialise ourselves, as you have the knowledge of from your scriptures when Abraham and Elijah materialised themselves on Mount Sermon, as with Christ that materialised himself for his friends. Then, my friend, you can meet your loved ones, you can meet your friends, and they will be able to materialise and show you the pathway towards the world beyond. They can give you the wisdom from this side of the veil.

You have to seek with an open mind. You have to put aside the dogmas from religion. You have to explore this world beyond with the same courage, the same fearlessness, as you do with your own technology on earth.

Knowledge dispels fear, so when you find the communication link between our two worlds then there will be no fear, only joy and happiness, when love prevails. God has given you the opportunity to progress, as you can see from your worldly material advancement in the last hundred years. Now is the time to expand your vision and explore the world beyond, the world that you shall one day join, and you can find the answers that you are seeking for on the Bridge of Love. There, you will find the truth of life. You will find the truth of being; the meaning of life, why you are here, why we come to you, and why we are one in God. We are of the same Spirit, and that is why we can have communion with each other in love.

Seek first God and his love and then you can meet us on the Bridge of Love, and we can rejoice with the blessing of our Father, because it is his hands that build the bridge. Nothing can be achieved, nothing can be made, without the blessing of our Father in heaven. So, when you seek, seek first God and then you will find the answers.

When you seek, you will find.

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