10. Meditation


In contemplation, in meditation you seek for the highest inside you, and when you reach the highest, you find the inner being of yourself, your soul that survives the physical death. That´s why meditation is so necessary and so essential for your well being and your development of your inner self. You feed your physical body each day, several times a day, but do you feed your spiritual being, your spiritual body? Meditation is like food, the spiritual food for your spiritual being.

There are many ways of meditation. Some go into stillness and pray to God. Some send good thoughts to friends and to people in despair. Some seek the light, the light of love, and by moving towards love, in their own mind, they find peace and tranquillity. But remember my friend, whatever your meditation is like and how you meditate, you should always seek within yourself, because within yourself is the seed of the Almighty. When you give nutrition to this seed, it will expand and develop inside you.

When you sit in stillness, it may at first seem difficult to concentrate, but I can give you some advice. First, always pray seeking for the highest, asking for peace and love in your mind. Then go into stillness with a calm mind. See or imagine a light in front of you, like a bright star. This star is love, and the pathway to the star is where you want to travel.

If you have music at hand, you may play some calm music that inspires you for your stillness, for your inner peace. This is the first step to get closer to your inner self. Always end with a prayer in thankfulness for the love you have received.

My friend, meditation may take many shapes and forms. It is an individual journey, for each and every one of us, but you will join the path of light, the path of love. There you will be helped and guided. Find a meditation that suits you. Provide love all around you because love is the power of God. That’s where you want to be. This should be your centre of meditation.

Ask yourself this: Why is it that the best feeling you can achieve in your physical body is love? Because when you receive love, you enter into a mode of thankfulness.

Then ask yourself: Do I deserve love? Ask yourself this question many times. What can I do to deserve this most beautiful, lovely feeling? The answer is unconditional love. You cannot enter into stillness, into meditation without love. Love your fellow beings, send out love, give love and you will receive love.

That’s the guidance for reaching the highest, your inner self, the beauty inside you. This is the key to meditation. Love is the key that will open the doors, and there are your guides standing by waiting for the flickering of your soul, so they can lead you and guide you. Meditate, go into stillness and seek for the highest inside yourself.

When you build the power of love inside, your physical body will enter your spiritual body, and in turn give you peace and calmness in mind and you will be loved for your attributes of goodness, a light for others to follow.

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