10. Harmony

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In your world, as in our world, we have wonderful orchestras and composers. They make music with different kinds of tones and thereby instruments. In an orchestra you have the violin, the cello, the harp, the trumpet, the drum, the flute you have all the instruments needed to complete the masterpiece of the composer, as the creator.

The great composers of your world have many companions, friends from this side that help them with their work. They are influenced as you all are in your world with whatever tasks you have. You are influenced by spirits that have the same interests, the same profound ideas and the same love for the work as you have. Either you are a composer, a construction worker, a singer, a teacher, yes, in all occupations you have on earth, you have spirits with the same mindset that would like to help you, to influence you to do the best out of your work. And within every task you do, you are applying the right tools as instruments as with the orchestra and their instruments, to make your task perfect, to create unity and harmony for your mission.

When you listen to an orchestra you will hear at once if there is an instrument out of tune, and this instrument may catch your attention to such a degree that the play becomes disharmonic. My friend, what I am trying to tell you is that it just takes a small inconsistent part, one dissonant instrument to create imperfection either in music playing, in a task or in your work. And so it is within yourself my friend, with your reasoning, your logic, your understanding and your knowledge. When you have perceived something in your work that is not according to your own perfection, you will say to yourself: “No, that is wrong, that must be wrong, because that is not part of myself”.

When you see people going hungry, small children crying, crying due to inhumanity, when you see small children undernourished, and when you see that their faces are crying for help, crying for charity, and you turn away and say to yourself that this is something that I cannot do anything about, this is part of the world, then you are wrong, my friend. You are here on earth to give a helping hand, to be that helping hand from God, to be that angel that God sent to the world to help these little children. It is your responsibility, each and every one of you, to see to it that all the children of God are taken care of. It could have been your child that is suffering, that goes hungry to bed, but then, my friend, you must know that we are all part of the same spirit. We are all God’s children and every child on earth is your responsibility, as it is with your own child.

On earth, you are here to create harmony and peace among people, so children can smile, be happy and make you happy. When you turn away you show selfishness, you show disrespect and disregard for other human beings. That does not create harmony in your world. Selfishness is the main obstacle, the material passion of the earth that you should master, control and conquer. It is there for you to erase from the surface of the earth. Stand up and say the truth to everyone in your world. Do not close your eyes. Do not tape your mouth. It is through communication, through words that you can say your opinion, that you can cast light upon the problems of your world.

Within yourself, you have the earthly passions, you have love that you can give to the world, but you also have to master selfishness, greed, vanity and dishonesty that are causing disasters to your world, because people are turning their heads away and do not want to look at the despair that these passions are causing to humankind and your beautiful blue planet.

My friend, cultivate love wherever your pathway takes you, because it is in love you will create harmony within yourself and in your world. When you have love as the foremost objective in life, then you are in harmony with yourself, then you will play beautiful music, because all your instruments that you have within your spiritual self are in harmony; love makes harmony.

You need to work hard to give love to all. It is the same within an orchestra. You have to work hard to make all perfect. When the orchestra has made the masterpiece perfect, and all instruments are attuned to each other, then the orchestra can pour love over its audience, because it is perfect. Let the harmony within the orchestra show you that hard work and love for the work is the key to making your world unselfish, bringing harmony to your world, bringing peace, bringing happiness, bringing smiles on the faces of all the children of your world, God’s children.

Be sincere with yourself, and ask yourself these questions: “Am I doing the right thing? Am I giving everything that I can contribute with to make this world a better place for all? What can I do to make things better? How can I be part of this orchestra to make it perfect, to make love perfect?” When you know the answers, my friend, you have your mission, and I can tell you what your mission is: it is to give love, to help wherever you can, to sow seeds of love on your walks in life. Then you will fill yourself with a beauty, with the treasure of love. You will create the beautiful heaven within yourself, and you can partake in the orchestra and pour love over the audience, the children of God.

Harmony in your world is of God.
Harmony in your world is Friendship.
Harmony in your world is Love.
Harmony in your world is Kindness.
Harmony in your world is Unselfishness.
Harmony in your world is Forgiveness.
Harmony in your world is Humbleness.
Harmony in your world is Honesty.
Harmony in your world is Peace.

Let yourself be harmony. Let God create harmony within you. Let the rainbow with its beautiful colours be a sign of harmony from God. Ask for guidance in your prayer, and God will listen and make you beautiful within so you can create harmony in your life.

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