1. Find your True Self


At birth your spiritual being, your spirit, your eternal self, became part of your physical body that was developed and nurtured in the womb of your mother, in the period of pregnancy. Your spiritual being merged with your physical body when you saw the daylight. Then you were truly one. Your Father, the Almighty Spirit, gave you the opportunity to come to earth to learn all about your true self, all about the earthly passions, all about the earthly life and all about materiality, and you were given free will to explore and find your self. The physical body is there for you to acquire knowledge on the physical plane so you can be tested, so you can find challenges, so you can raise your spiritual being towards oneness with God, so you can find your spiritual self, your true self.

My friend, you have had many lives on the earth plane or in other worlds, because you are constantly evolving, walking on a pathway that you yourself have chosen. But when you meet troubles on the earth plane, where there are so many struggles, you ask yourself, how could I choose such a life for myself? Well, my friend, you have what we call a karma and you are here to expiate and learn from previous mistakes so you can turn the stones on your pathway that you were stumbling over earlier. Now you can pick up the stones from the stony road and place them at the sidewalk, so your pathway becomes clear, so you can sow fruits on your path that will blossom, that will fill your way of life with flowers, with beauties of love. You, my friend, are here on earth to sow love, to fill yourself with this expression, with this beautiful feeling, with this beautiful thought of love. That is the way of finding yourself, of finding your true inner self. There is no other way, my friend, there is no other way than coming back and learning the lessons you missed, the lessons that you did not attend to. That is why you, in God’s love and justice, are given the opportunity for reincarnation, and reincarnation is not only for the earth plane; it is in many worlds, including the spirit world. The earth plane is but one world, one plane of life.

Remember from your scriptures, the saying of Christ: “Before Abraham was, I am”. Christ was, as we all are, part of God. We are of the same Almighty Spirit. We are all children of God. We are brothers and sisters, and we are here on earth to help each other, to raise each other, to see what we can learn from each other. We all strive towards unity, and that I can tell you my friend, that we are all striving for the same, we are striving towards God, towards his love, towards his unconditional love, towards his consciousness of love, because that is how you raise yourself, that is how you find your true self, and that is the pathway towards the Almighty Spirit, towards the kingdom of love.

Heaven you find within yourself, and heaven is something that is there for you to develop. When you truly find your true values, when you truly feel the oneness with God, when you know the pathway of love, the pathway of unselfishness, the pathway of humbleness, the pathway of forgiveness, the pathway of charity, of love for your fellow beings, then, my friend, you are getting closer to your true self, to the beauty within, the heaven and the treasure that give such peace of mind that is not to be comprehended before you have reached that stage.

Spirituality is to find yourself, your true self. Spirituality is to raise yourself in love for your brethren, for humanity. When you see that Mother Nature is there for you to explore, for you to find answers in life, when you see all the beauties in nature, all the revelations from your Father, then you are grasping the world within yourself.

My friend, when you sit in contemplation, when you find your inner silence, you will hear your inner voice whispering to you, saying to you that: I am here. It is the voice of your spirit; it is the voice from God. It is your true self trying to reach the surface of yourself, an inner voice of love, that truly wishes you well, that wants you to find your true self. Your spirit, your spiritual being, is yourself. Your physical body is hiding your spirit, and it is there for you to find, to search for, and I can say this to you: that your inner self is of God. It is a spirit that you will find when you seek, but you must seek in love, you must understand that your spirit is of the vital force that gave you life at birth, because without your spirit you would be purely physical flesh and not alive.

Your spirit is the energy of love, the vital source of life, that you are connected to, the Almighty Spirit. But your physical body with all its passions, its vanity and selfishness was given to you to find your real self because it is in struggle you find your true self, because your spirit wants to tell you that the real life is to serve, serve your brothers and sisters, your family, humanity and Mother Nature, and create harmony and peace, both within yourself and in your world.

Find your true self and you will change yourself. Then you will let your true self dominate your physical self, and you will raise yourself in spirituality and find the heaven within that your spirit gives you.

The beauty you have within is your true self. Christ found his true self, and could not deny his Father in heaven. That is the pathway in life where God and love is foremost, where your true self will prevail over your physical self. Then you will know that you are an eternal being, that you are part of God and that we are all one.

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