A Spirit World Message.

Climate change, globalization, urbanization, deforestation, and technology impact the biodiversity of your world. The pandemic you experience is a threat to your worldly body and affects every human being.

Your world needs climate change mitigation. Your world needs intellectual human beings to come to the forefront to guide the United Nations. Your scientists, your medical expertise, know the consequences of your earthly behaviour, your behaviour towards Mother Earth.

This pandemic, the Coronavirus, needs global action to be mitigated. The Coronavirus doesn’t know any rank. It attacks the wealthy and the poor. Now is the time to provide medical and financial aid to developing countries. The United Nations is there to coordinate but needs resources to fulfil its tasks. It is the only way to handle pandemics in the future because with your biodiversity and climate change, you will see more epidemics and pandemics. The health conditions of your world’s population will exacerbate if you do not take immediate global actions towards these viruses, the pathogens of your world.

The Coronavirus, is a warning of what is to come if you do not fulfil your obligations towards Mother Earth.

In God’s creation, we care for everyone. The United Nations can be instrumental in this mission if you provide the resources for this “Mother of the Earth” to fulfil its mission on earth.

– White Bear


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