Break the barrier that holds you down

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A Spirit World Message.

In your earthly life you can only perceive your physical self, a body that needs nutrition to stay alive, but this is only what you can see in the mirror. There is more to your existence on earth than your physical flesh. Your spiritual self, which is your real self, is hidden from your physical sight. The spiritual body, which is a replica of your physical self, drives your heart, drives your whole being in this material aspect of life, a creation that is beyond your comprehension and your apprehension.

Now, my friend, this physical self that needs food and liquid to survive, is also exposed to the earthly passions of love, selfishness, hatred, jealousy and vanity, passions that you are here on earth to master. When you know this, when you know that you are more than your physical flesh, that your real self is of a spiritual nature, wouldn´t it be interesting to know this real self, your eternal self that survives the physical body? Wouldn´t you say that that was something to think about, to reflect upon, the spiritual being that cannot die, the real self that has the complete mind within it?

Break that barrier that holds you down to a material aspect of life only. Break that barrier so your spiritual self can emerge in your own life on earth. That is where heaven is, or your own hell, created by you due to lack of knowledge, lack of the wisdom that we are here to explain to you. Everything has been born and given to you in nature for you to reflect upon life and reflect upon your self. Nature gives you the wisdom of life, that there is always revitalisation and birth of flowers, of animals, of human beings, new generations, and that there is death, which is an illusion for your physical self.

There is decay during wintertime in nature, and there is rebirth during springtime, every year, for you to enjoy God’s nature, the kingdom of love within you, the love that you can see with your physical eyes and that is brought to life over and over again for you to understand there is no death, only life. Break that barrier today, my friend. Realise that you are more than you can perceive with your physical eyes, more than you can see in the mirror when you ask yourself:

Who am I?
What am I?
What is the wisdom behind my self?
What is the truth, the truth of my self?

We have given you the answer, my friend. We have given you the wisdom of life. Share the wisdom with your fellow beings that there is more to life, more than the material aspect of life that holds you down. When you find your spiritual self, when you climb the ladder of spirituality, materiality descends in importance. Selfishness will be replaced by love, vanity will be replaced by integrity, dishonesty will be buried and truth will be born. There is a new life for you waiting on earth, a new life where you have found yourself, your real state of being, and the wisdom of God that you have been searching for, and that you now have found. Become love, and heaven will descend and awaken you within.

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