1. Walking with White Bear

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How you will perceive the spirit world depends on your progress, your spirituality. I will show you the way to the spiritual path where I am. Come with me. There is brightness. Come to this brightness and enter. You will change your vibration from the earth plane. See, my friend. You are wearing a beautiful robe. You spiritual being is bright, and there is a yellow/orange field around you, similar to what you would call the sun, and what we call the love from God. Your robe is white, shining, and so are you.

My friend, here you see the landscape of beautiful surroundings you also will find on earth, a place where my parents and I grew up in the nature with rivers, forests, valleys and green slopes where animals are enjoying themselves. Enough food for everyone you might say when on the earth plane, but we don’t eat or drink and nor do the animals. We just enjoy the company of each other. Here are flowers in different shapes that are known and unknown to your world. Red, orange, white all the rainbow colours in one view. There are beauties here without description in earthly terms. Brothers and sisters bring joy and happiness, serving love and peace to you.

We have tents or wigwams, similar to the ones we had on the prairie, but we create them with our mind. We create all with our mind. All you see here is created by many brothers and sisters. If we, on an individual basis, would like to have other surroundings, we can make them with our mind and they become real to us because thoughts are substance. You, as well, can with your mind, in your world, create your own paradise, because you have heaven inside yourself.

Here, everything is in love. All brightness is due to our connection with God, the Great White Spirit, the Almighty and the Creator of the universe. We are one with the Almighty Spirit, and he is giving us the energy that we need, the energy and love we consist of, and all that we are.

We have different occupations, some are still composing their music, some are writing books, but in another way than on earth, because we use our mind and our thoughts to create. We can create with our mind a concert, or a festival if you so wish, by joining our minds together. We can create colour and music that you cannot imagine with your earthly mind. All this fills us with tremendous joy and love.

We have schools of learning. You can study whatever subject you wish to explore. Everything is given to you by thought. We come together in halls of learning, beautiful arenas where knowledge is given to our minds. We have theatres where plays are performed, plays to educate people on their spiritual pathway. We help each other, we learn and we teach, and by that, we lift each other towards God, towards his love.

You cannot reach a higher consciousness than you are fit for. Our brothers and sisters teach us and take us with them to learn for a while, but then you have to return to your place because that is where you are in harmony with your surroundings, and where you find peace with yourself.

We travel to the earth plane by our thoughts, and are in your presence when we want to be. The earth plane is one sphere of life, but there are many spheres and in all spheres they have their own surroundings. What they have created by their minds, and what they want it to be, they will have, not individually, but created by the consciousness of all the people living there.

We have no need for nutrition as you have on earth, because the Almighty feeds our spiritual body, by the energy of love. We work and we rest as you do, but there is no need to sleep, because the energy is always there. This life can be a beauty for yourself, but create your beauty inside when you are on the earth plane. What you have created in your mind by being in communion with God, by helping others, by charity and the good deeds you have done, contribute all to your standing, to your place on this side in the spirit world. This is spiritual progress and spirituality.

When you come to this side you will receive what you have created in your mind. The more you increase your spirituality on earth, the more advantages you will have on this side. Love creates love. You have the answer my friend to what you should put emphasis on.

It is difficult to understand, when you are on earth, how things come about in the spirit world. It is coming to you as it is in a dream. What you have earned, you will receive. Your living place and surroundings will all be in accordance with your mind, with the power that you have created by love towards your fellow beings, and in love you assist and help others. You can reach a beauty without description when you someday come to this world. Everything is provided for according to the heaven you have created inside yourself, the paradise that you have within.

The spirit world is vast. All of us experience the transition and the place of being individually, but if you have a loving heart, you cannot go wrong. You have God inside you with all its beauties. “Seek God and everything else will be added unto you”. An expression you are familiar with from Christ´s teachings, and it is true.

Christ knew the way; he told you that he was the Light, the Way and the Truth with his living on earth. He showed the pathway. You can be a light and show the way for others.

God bless you, my friend.

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