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The Jostein Strommen Foundation unveils an unknown dimension through research on Metapsychics, a philanthropic mission with new insight to advance human rights, global welfare and sustainable development.

Our Metapsychics Research witnesses forces beyond “earthly” comprehension in communication with an unseen world — these forces answer questions intelligently, manifesting unseen human presence. Metapsychics research is the exploration of this unknown and undiscovered dimension.

We relate to this extraordinary dimension as the Spirit World. Are spirits who they claim to be? That is Metapsychics Research.

Telepathy is the communication between minds, but you need a physical manifestation to ensure that what you receive from another human being or a spirit is evident. On Earth, you use your sensory perception: your eyes, your ears, your hands, your expression of your face. But with Telepathy between your mind on Earth and a spirit from the Spirit World, Telekinesis is required to confirm Telepathic transference of thought.

Telekinesis and Telepathy become the Spirit ID (SID) analysis and verify Spirit survival, similar to a DNA analysis of terrestrial human beings searching for a profile match. SID searches for a match in knowledge. The SID analysis becomes unavailable when spirits reincarnate, equivalent to DNA loss. However, the evolutionary SID consists of previous lives and is eternal.

Spirit Communicators claim to be the authors of the Messages communicated from the Spirit World by Metapsychic Correspondence. Their Messages from the Spirit World stand independently and reveal similar behavioural consciences as when they lived on Earth.

Read the research without being impeded by any preconceived notions. Open your mind and discover the World of Metapsychics.

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