1. The Bridge of Love


We are all part of God. We are part of God’s consciousness, part of his wisdom. When we come to you in love, our communion, the bridging of the worlds, must be done in pure love. Love is the only force that we can apply to achieve a pure, clean and satisfactory communication with you. We that come to you in love, have the Almighty Father behind us when love prevails between you and us. Nothing can hinder us in obtaining love, friendship and communication with each other, and being in communion. From ancient times people have been in communion with spirits in the spirit world, a communion blessed by the Almighty Father.

We are here to teach you that love is the only bridge that we can break the barrier of separateness between our two worlds with, as it is with the worlds beyond ourselves in the spirit world, because we have many spheres. There are many mansions in God’s heaven, in the spirit world, in the kingdom of God. From ancient times human beings that have searched within themselves, and searched for love, searched for their loved ones that have gone from the earth plane, have achieved communication, have achieved a beautiful communion. They have met on the Bridge of Love, the bridge between our two worlds where love prevails, where we are in God’s consciousness.

Christ, the master of love, that you know so very well, was in communion with other souls in the spirit world as you have learned from your scriptures, where he met Moses and Elijah on Mount Hermon with his disciples. Well, my friends, they met on the Bridge of Love, they met in pure love, asking for guidance, asking for God, and God sent his messengers in love. God is unconditional love, and he wants us to love each other, to be in communion in love, because love is the key between our two worlds.

Those of us walking the Bridge of Love can come to you and show ourselves. You have many examples from ancient times and people that have told you that they have seen their dear lost ones. Christ showed himself to his disciples: he showed his hand to Thomas, where the nail had penetrated his hand, just to show his disciples, his friends, whom he loved and that loved him, who could not believe. So, Christ had to show himself, he had to touch him, give his hand to him and show where the nail penetrated, so Thomas could feel that he was, for a time, a normal human being on earth, to show that there is no death, that we are still alive, that what we do when we leave your planet is to leave our physical body behind, and that our spiritual being is as real as your physical body. It is much more real, actually, because that is our true self.

When you seek within yourself, seek the highest, seek love, then you seek God. God is love and that is the pathway for you to walk. God is the Bridge of Love. You will have to search to meet God. Search for love within yourself, and be part of his consciousness. Then you can truly build the Bridge of Love between our two worlds. You will then know that you cannot die, that your dear ones are waiting for you, are with you everyday when you so wish, when there is love between you. They are part of your life where love prevails. Love binds us together, and nothing in this universe can break the chains of love, nothing my friend.

The Bridge of Love must be blessed and created by the Almighty when you enter into communion with your friends, dear ones, and your family on this side of life. Enter into communication in pure love, then you build a wall of such bright light, light where God sends his angels to protect, and nothing can harm you, because love is your protection, God is your protection.

But be careful, my friend. When there is no love, if you search for material ends, you do not build the Bridge of Love. Then you are not protected. If you enter into communication with the spirit world on this basis, then you are sitting with your eyes blind like in a park at night and you do not know who is coming up to you and telling you stories that you cannot trust. So, my friend, communion with the spirit world, the Bridge of Love, is built by God, by his love, and you must first seek within yourself the love you give other human beings, and seek God. When you search and find God and his love, then you will be guided, and then he will send his angels that will keep you safe. The Bridge of Love is there in God’s wisdom. It is there to give you comfort, to guide you and to teach about life.

Go forward in love. Acquire knowledge, and know that you are a spiritual being with a physical body and that you nurture both of them. Let God reign over your heart. Let God shine upon you with his love. Let God with his love be your master in life, and you can never go wrong.

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