Spirit World Scenery

Excerpts from Spirit World Messages.

Your life in the Spirit World becomes a replica of your mind – the mind you created by your behaviour on Earth.

The suffering you caused on Earth will be your suffering and your destiny in the Spirit World.

The love, care and happiness you gave to others on Earth become your beauty in the Spirit World.

You made your home in the Spirit World by how you lived your life on Earth. There is no escape, no way around it; it is by mathematical presision

The Spirit World Scenery – In retrospect, a replica of your mind. The scenery of the Spirit World is Planet Earth, precisely what your mind perceives. Explore the Spirit World and your own anticipated scenery.

Illustrations –
These sceneries are as authentic in the Spirit World as our experience on Earth. You may experience a flower as a flower, touching it, smelling and enjoying its fragrance. The Spirit World is a real world, but another vibration, another substance aligned with the spirit body. You create with your thoughts because thoughts are substance. However, spirituality is the creative force and the Spirit World’s building blocks. Do not come empty-handed; see that you have climbed the spirituality ladder before entering the Spirit World.

Even though the scenery of the Spirit World may be beautiful, your mind presides; apparently, there are reasons why people choose reincarnation.


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