A Spirit World Message from Kofi Annan and Nelson Mandela.

Kofi Annan speaking.

On 26 January 2024, the International Court of Justice presented to the world the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, where people are being slaughtered in front of the world’s eyes. We will add to their measures presentation that there must be a ceasefire. We urge the Israeli and Palestine governments to end this outrageous war; sorrowful remembrance from the past, people in leadership have learned none.

The Holocaust is a reminder for the Israelis people, not only a sorrowful memory of the atrocities committed against the Jewish people but also learning from the aggression that was inflicted upon the Jews.

Hamas made a terrible mistake on 7 October 2023, but that does not justify the destruction of a people and their rights as human beings, their human rights. Atrocities against a people are never justified, never. Only peaceful negotiations and reconciliation will restore human rights and peace among people. The Palestine people, as in the history of Israeli people, have equal rights to a prosperous life, a life in dignity and equality, a life where children can grow up with love in their hearts, and hatred is the word of the past.

Hamas, Palestinians, lay down your weapons. Remember, God’s love created your existence. You are to be his hands on earth, and God is unconditional love.

Stop the cruelty, stop the destruction, stop the war against innocent people. What mandate do the Israelis and Hamas have to slaughter innocent people? Not from God, it is blasphemy towards your Creator, towards your children who will one day evaluate and condemn the atrocities made towards other children because you are all children of God. Don’t forget.

The atrocities you commit will be your destiny in the spirit world.

I have a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. I draw a line and write HISTORY underneath the line and the FUTURE above the line. A coherent people sharing the same land, the future is a one-state solution, binational: Israel and Palestine.

I urge you to go to the negotiating table with love and love for your children. Reconcile, find mutual ground, share, care for, and love each other. That is God’s wisdom. That is God’s will that made you in his picture.

Comrades, Nelson Mandela speaking.

Palestinians, liberation for your people will be found with nonviolence, as we decently did with the apartheid system in South Africa.
We liberated the whole people from oppression with decency and responsibility. Healing the wounds, the Palestinian’s wounds, the Israeli wounds, can only be done with love in your heart because we know in the Spirit World that we are all brothers and sisters, all one big family who should live alongside each other in prosperity, with education, livelihood; a beautiful life for all.

The Palestinian people raised my statue; let me tell you, my friends, my comrades, that statue symbolises your liberation and the liberation of South Africa, but liberation is found with love. Let violence be of the past.

Use the international arena to manifest your speech in a nonviolent manner that creates pressure; use the United Nations; the general secretary speaks on your behalf as well as for the Israelites because he sees you as one people.

Don’t make mistakes; violence is of the past .

Intellect is the future.

God and his love will make you together as one because he sees his children as one people regardless of religion, creed, and dogmas. There is only one word in his mouth: unconditional love. You be the same.

Now is the time for peace talks.

Go forward and know that we from the Spirit World walk with you, giving you strength for the Palestinians and the Israelis to become one, one people sharing the same land.

A one-state solution may create lasting peace.

God bless you all.


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