9. Absent Healing


Healing is love. Healing is of God. Healing is the power of love, the power of the creation, the source of life and, my friend, you live in this power, you are part of the creation, you were made out of love, you were made by God, you are a spirit of its creation. You are an eternal being. You have a spiritual body and a physical body. The physical body can be seen with your physical eyes, it is of the material world, part of the physical plane, that is the same with your spiritual body, with your spiritual self that survives the physical death, the part of you that is unseen to your physical eyes, but that is the real you, the eternal you.

My friend, the spiritual self is the energy, the power that drives your physical self, even though you cannot comprehend this, because you cannot see it with your physical eyes. This unseen power, this unseen source is as real as your physical body, and when you connect yourself towards the source of life, towards the love of your Creator, then you become a light for others to follow, because then you change yourself, you change your whole being, because your spiritual self will then predominate your physical self. When you know that you are truly a spirit, that you are part of this unseen substance of the universe, this power that drives the whole world of yours, that drives the unseen worlds, the inconceivable universe, then, my friend, you will understand that this source can be used for healing, for healing of yourself, because the source purifies your spiritual self and thereby your physical self. That is the faith you need to have for healing to occur, because you must know that you are more than your physical body, than your physical self, you must know that you are a spirit and that there is a power that can heal yourself, that can bring your physical self into fitness with your spiritual self.

When you know that this power is the creative force and know that this power is all over, is everywhere, is a flow of energy that can be drawn from every place on earth, then you will understand why absent healing is powerful, and is of the love that you can contribute with, that you can be part of with your thoughts, the love for other human beings, for all living beings. Ask for guidance; ask to build up this power by turning yourself to your Creator, then he sends his messengers to you, his angels, his love, for you to perform your work, the greater works; for healing your world, for healing people that are suffering, for healing Mother Nature.

Absent healing is there for you to heal yourself by bringing love and the power to other beings in need, beings that are suffering, whether because of illness or conditions where there is no love. So, my friend, when you want to perform absent healing, then you can sit by yourself or with friends and direct your thoughts of love by connecting yourself towards this creative force, the power of love that you can bring to the sufferer.

Start with a prayer for guidance, for the love, the source of life, and end with a prayer after your mission, a prayer in thankfulness, in gratitude for the power that you have obtained from your Creator, that you were given for your love for other living beings. See, my friend, what you give, you receive. That is the law of cause and effect in the universal light. Behold God in your heart; behold love in your heart, because God is love and that is the power that gives you the opportunity to heal, to be part of a wonderful mission, of a wonderful work on the earth plane. I can say this to you, my friend, that when you sit for healing you attract to yourself souls from the spirit world that want to aid you in your endeavours, that want to bring their love to your work, that want to be part of the healing process.

You can never die, but the physical flesh is of such a nature that it is dependent on your spiritual being, your spiritual eternal self, for it to heal itself, for it to be part of yourself in such a work, in such a process of fulfilling yourself, of making yourself whole, for making your contribution, for bringing oneness, for bringing love to your fellow beings.

You can, with your thoughts of love, heal your world; you can in prayer take part in this wonderful work, the greater works such as you have from the sayings in the scriptures. Heal your world to bring a peaceful mind, the spirit of God, the spirit of love, to your earth plane.

Absent healing is real, is as real as yourself, because healing is love and you were made out of love, you are of this creation that makes absent healing possible, because you are of the source of love, the source of life. Every one of you, every child on the earth plane can take part in the healing of your world, to heal a child that is suffering, to heal a human being that is in discomfort, to heal an animal that is in pain, to heal Mother Earth from her despair, to make the creation into love, as your Creator made your planet earth and yourself.

Become love yourself and you will heal yourself.


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