A Spirit World Message.

I am Michael Jackson in spirit, speaking to you on November 12th in the year 2022.

My open letter to the world –

Heal the World is Spirit World Insight.
I received the lyrics from my friends in the spirit world.
It is a prayer for a better world –
for your love for making Heaven on Earth.

Heaven is a place in your heart –
A place made by love for your family on earth.
The world’s population is your family.

Love – this beautiful word – is a word of God that you were born with – the spirit that survives death, the love that created you, that gave you a new life, to learn right from wrong, to bring harmony to your world.

A peaceful world, are God’s words and God’s will – let that be your words – your words of action – to heal your world.

I apologize to the people I hurt (1) when alive on earth.
My heavenly love is what I can share to rectify my mistakes.
We make all mistakes on earth; that is why we are born again, to rectify – to build a better version of ourselves.
That is why people reincarnate many times on earth.
That is why we are all brothers and sisters, one family.

We are here to help each other, make a little space for everyone, and care for all children and the next generations – that is our responsibility and your responsibility.

We are “one” in God’s love. Difficult to comprehend on earth, but with Spirit World Insight, you can find your real self, your eternal self – the spirit of love given to you to make a better world.

Heal the World is Spirit World Insight for you to understand that we all survive death, that we are all here for a purpose – to make a better world, to heal the world with your love, your love for your neighbour. That is brotherhood in God’s love.

Sing my tune and feel God’s blessing. It is written by his hands for his children on earth.

God bless you all.


(1) (Emphasised with a Telekinetic thud – there is deep regret in his expression.)

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