The pain is terrible.
The fear of death cripples my mind.
Where are my feelings?
I don’t recognize myself.

I regret!
My life was not a scourge of love.
My own fault, my own missteps.
Selfishness I could do without –
Selfishness that ruined my life.
The material took over.
That’s not who I am.

I see myself.
My life became a burden to many.
When does fear take me to death?

Will I meet my soul at the door,
Can I defend my missteps,
Can I defend my selfishness,
towards the people I have added to my burden?

Forgive me!
I didn’t know what I was doing –
I didn’t know life.
Pray for me.
Give me the love that I didn’t give.
It scares me to death!
A death struggle I would do without.

I do not deserve your prayers,
I don’t deserve your love.
I see a door open.

Farewell, my friends.
If I may call you my friends —
in this forgiving moment.
I didn’t know any better.
The knowledge of death, of life –
Taking personal responsibility were words I did not hear from the priest in our church.

Believe in me, and you are forgiven –
The knowledge came to me in the death struggle.
I see myself.
My own self.
Death’s body is abandoned.

Munch in the spirit,
Communicated from the Spirit World – July 5, 2022
Translated from Norwegian – Dødskamp

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State of the Global Climate 2023
19 March 2024
Heatwaves, floods, droughts, wildfires, and rapidly intensifying tropical cyclones caused misery and mayhem, upending everyday life for millions and inflicting many billions of dollars in economic losses.
The WMO report confirmed that 2023 was the warmest year on record, with the global average near-surface temperature at 1.45 °Celsius (with a margin of uncertainty of ± 0.12 °C) above the pre-industrial baseline. It was the warmest ten-year period on record. EXTERNAL LINK
Read the preface if you have no experience with LIFE AFTER DEATH Science or SPIRIT WORLD COMMUNICATION.

Quote – “Climate action is your objective for the coming years, and you must start NOW to avoid an irreversible climate change to enter your sphere of life.” – Kofi Annan in Spirit

Quote – “Make this to a global revolution of renewable energies where your investment for the future is renewables, not fossil fuels. As of today, your investment in fossil fuels exceeds the investments in renewable energies. It is WRONG when you see the consequences of your investments.” – Kofi Annan in Spirit

Quote – “Climate change has caused a humanitarian emergency with drought, floods and destroyed crops. Billions of people are hit by the consequences of greenhouse gas emissions, subsidised by “responsible governments”. Are political leaders accountable for encouraging the oil and gas industry with subsidies in fossil fuel production that causes people unliveable, unsustainable lives? Of course, they are not behaving responsibly.” – Kofi Annan in Spirit

Quote – “To ratify the Paris Agreement and to meet the goals are to behave responsibly. Political leaders! Have these billions of people in mind that either will suffer from your decisions or achieve sustainability in their lives. You can make a change. You can become responsible political leaders for the sustainability of Planet Earth.” – Kofi Annan in Spirit.

Quote – “What I am telling you are known. You can see it with your eyes; displacement has already begun. The climate crises is already there. As it is building up, you have to take precautions and make safe havens for people exposed. Immigration of people is of new dimensions, and political leaders responsible for the disasters must come to their aid. You have to reverse climate change NOW. The Paris Agreement is just a beginning.” – Kofi Annan in Spirit

Quote – “The climate crises is a source for pandemics in the future. Millions of people are dependent on the rich countries that can steer climate change. Unfortunately, many people who live in exposed places on Earth will face the climate crises and the devastating impact. And these people are most likely poor. Wealthy countries that have the resources have an obligation to aid people from climate change disasters.” – Kofi Annan in Spirit

Quote – “Climate change leaves vulnerable people in the sticks when countries of tremendous wealth accumulate more wealth. It is inhuman; it is obscene. You are implementing a modern form of slavery, you with your egotism. I call upon the leaders of your world.
End poverty. Reduce emissions of climate gases. It is your responsibility to free every soul from this fundamental plight.” – Kofi Annan in Spirit

Quote – “The world has the know-how to make hunger history. I don’t have to tell you how, but I can tell you the consequences for your behaviour on Earth that you will one day meet in the spirit world by your negligence, by your egotism. You see my friend, you that can make hunger history, you that have the power to influence, to provide the resources, but do not use it, will find your own suffering in the spirit world – many regrets, many tears, the tears that I told you about, that we see in the fields on Earth, from people, your neighbour, your equal. Do whatever you can to solve the hunger crises, to make hunger history, and you will find joy, not only in the spirit world but also on Earth. It is a matter of will and resolve. Do not hesitate. Start today.” – Kofi Annan in Spirit

The Spirit of Kofi Annan

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White Bear (1859 – 1932) – The Native American Leader, speaks from the Spirit World –

We shall be steadfast and endeavour to bring the truth through evidence, understanding, and education.

When we come to your blue beautiful planet, we come as humble servants, humble messengers of God, we come in prayer for your world, for bringing harmony, for bringing love and peace to your world. We see the suffering and despair of your world; we see selfishness as footprints everywhere on your planet. We see a light here and there; people that know the truth of life, that have the wisdom of God, that give their love to the children of the earth, people that are kind, that bring charity to the misfortunate, that know where they came from, people that are in oneness with their Creator.

God made you and all there is on your planet. He made Mother Nature so you could have his beauty in your daily life, to find peace within nature itself. God gave you the colours, the odours; he gave you eyes to see and your nose to smell his revelation, his wisdom. He made your physical body to comply with the material plane. He gave you feet to walk with, and hands to work with. He gave you ears so you could listen to your fellow beings, so you could listen to the joy from your brothers and sisters, but also the cry from the children of the earth that suffer so you could use your hands in love, so you could be his hands of love.

We have a mission on earth to bring clarity to your mind, to find the wisdom of God. You have your intellect, you have your reasoning, you have your logic, so you are equipped with the power within yourself to understand your place on earth, so you can understand and comprehend life itself, so you can know that you are here to bring love, kindness, friendliness, to give of yourself to humankind. You have a mission, you, as we, have a mission to accomplish. We are here to bring love and kindness to Planet Earth, we are here to bring the knowledge of equality that you must share with each other, because in that charitable mind you will find peace within yourself, and you will create peace on earth. Equality will raise your world, because people will then be welloff, every one of you, every child will have an opportunity to have quality of life, bringing the necessities and comfort to all.

Our mission is to bring our love, the love from heaven, to earth so you can create heaven on earth, and in this love that we bring to you we also bring the wisdom of life, the wisdom of God. On the Bridge of Love we can give you proof of the afterlife, we can give you the proof that you are an eternal being, that you are a spirit within a physical body, because when you leave this earth plane, you will only leave behind your physical self, and your spirit will live on, because you can never die. You are of God, and God is the power that created all in the universe, created you and all the children on the earth plane, created Mother Nature with all its beauties.

Put aside creed and dogmas. Religions of the earth are there to bring you love. They are not there to hamper you from finding the truth of yourself. Proof is there for you to find in your struggles on earth, and we can meet on the Bridge of Love, a communion in love, and we can show you that we are alive, we that walked upon your earth a long time ago, we are alive, and we want to meet you on the Bridge of Love between our two worlds, we want you to have our knowledge and that is our mission on the Bridge of Love, to be as one in love, to be in the oneness of our Creator that builds the Bridge, that gives us his blessing when we gather together in love, in kindness, in friendliness, without the passions that hold you down on the earth plane, the passions of selfishness, greed, envy, jealousy, hatred and anger, passions that you must leave behind before you enter the Bridge of Love, because this bridge is built by love, and you can only enter when you have filled yourself with the power of your Father, the power of love, because God is love, God is unconditional love, and he will only give his blessing for a communion in love. Then the bridge will be strong, and then the bridge can serve its purpose to bring the knowledge of life, the wisdom of God to the earth plane.

Our mission, my friend, is to bring your world out of suffering,
Our mission is to bring peace and love to your world,
Our mission is to bring the wisdom and the truth of life to every child on the earth plane.
Our mission is of our Father, and we are humble servants bringing this wonderful message to your world, a message filled by love and blessed by God.

What a wonderful world you can have within yourself, what a wonderful world your Father created for you. You are here on earth to see his revelation so you can find heaven within because you build heaven within yourself in love, by the love that you give to your world. What a wonderful world you can create when you become love yourself, become the hands of God on the earth plane.

Let the children of the earth, their joy, their laughter, their smile, their tears, their play, fill your heart with love for all. Let their little arms stretch forward for you to care for them. Let this remind you of the creation, let this remind you of yourself, that you are here to bring comfort, that you are here to give of yourself to your children, to the children of the earth, to your brothers and sisters that are all of the same Father, that you are all one big family.

Heal your world. Take part in our mission; let this be your mission to heal your world. Let the children of the earth sing the tune of love, sing the tune of healing, let the children of the earth sing this wonderful tune that they sing every day within themselves because they had this tune in their mind when they came to your world, when they opened their eyes and saw the daylight. Let their spirits find the beauty of your world, show them the way and do not make your world a sad place, make your world a beautiful, wonderful world as your Father made for you from the very beginning.

Have faith in your Creator, have faith in his creation, have faith in your Father because that faith can move mountains, can bring heaven to earth. Let that faith be of love. Let us all in our prayers ask for guidance, ask for the blessing from our Father in our work so we in his oneness of love can heal the world, can fulfil ourselves, can bring heaven to earth. Care for every child, care for every brother and sister, care for Mother Nature.

Be part of our mission, be part of bringing love to Planet Earth, to raise every child to the wisdom of their Father, to bring love in every heart, to bring joy and harmony to every child, to all the children of God. In our world love prevails; love is our life, love is ourselves when we have found the oneness with God; when we have become love ourselves. The love from your Father is there for you. Trust this love with your whole heart, your whole being, because that is where you came from, and that is where you will return one day, all the children on earth.

White Bear
Native American Leader

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Do you want to contact deceased family members or friends? This way, you can initiate communication.

First, read or listen to the seven books Spirit World Insight by White Bear. You need to understand the Spirit World and how to approach them.

Telekinetic Energy
Have weekly sittings for an hour in a circle with two to four family members or friends in complete darkness with your fingertips on a table; see the link below. It would help if you were entirely in tune with each other. Darkness must prevail, similarly to the condition of a child that develops in the mother’s womb before the child can see the daylight at birth. Spirits need your cooperation and energy to manifest. Be patient; it may take months for the Telekinetic energy to come alive. Your deceased relatives will be thrilled and try to assist in establishing communication. Know that people may have reincarnated.

3. Telekinesis

White Bear books –


Telekinetic force – table measures

Telekinetic Force in Spirit World Communication

Safety Precautions

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Spirit World Communication