Coronavirus – a call for global action

The Coronavirus is a call for global action.

The biodiversity of your world has been affected by climate change, globalization, urbanization, deforestation and technology. The pandemic you experience is a threat to your earthly body and affects every human being.

This pandemic needs global action for mitigation. Now is the time to give medical and financial aid to the developing countries. The United Nations is there to coordinate but needs resources to fulfill their tasks. It is the only way to handle pandemics in the future when more epidemics and pandemics will follow in the footsteps of climate change. The health conditions of your world’s population will exacerbate if you do not take global actions towards these viruses, the pathogens of your world.

But you can handle this; you can block the widespread of the virus if you take immediate action globally. Regard this virus, the Coronavirus as a warning of what to come if you do not fulfill your obligations towards Mother Earth. Your worldly body is infected by climate change, similarly, as to your own body, if exposed to distress and exhaustion.

In God’s creation, we care for everyone. United Nations can be instrumental in this mission if you provide the resources for this “Mother of the earth” to fulfill its mission.

– White Bear



There is much in this world, this physical world, that you cannot see with your physical eyes. When you invented the microscope on earth you saw a world, a new world of creatures that you never knew existed. This world of small creatures was as real as yourself, but you couldn’t see them. So it is with the spirit world. It is of another vibration, a vibration that you cannot see, a vibration similar to electricity. You know that electricity is there, but you cannot see the power before it reaches the light bulb. You have a power within yourself, and this power is what makes your physical body alive. This power is your spirit.

– White Bear


Spirit World Insight

Human mind and quantum physics

We have observed in our research that within metapsychics, vitalisation of objects depends on thoughts and attitudes of the participants joining the experiments. That may correlate to “the double slit experiment” where consciousness seems to impact the mechanics of quantum physics. Read the article “The strange link between the human mind and quantum physics” in this tweet.