The international day of total elimination of nuclear weapons

Harry Truman, the president of the United States in 1945, gave the world the effect of nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, when he initiated dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands of people instantly.

Leaders of your world talk about deterrence having nuclear weapons at their disposal if an enemy should come to use them.

Let me tell you something, my friends.
You would be horrified if you knew the consequences to your souls when employing nuclear weapons on earth. Spirit World knowledge is actual deterrence for applying such weapons of mass destruction. It is an abhorrent act with innumerable lives on your conscience.

Children, families mutilated, burned, destroyed, extreme pain, screaming, crying, irreparable wounds – it is your children that you can visualize in such a nightmare.

Leaders who press the atomic button will enter the spirit world in a soul’s nightmare — unforgivable acts of inhuman character. Destroying humanity is what you do when you use nuclear weapons.

At night, you have nightmares, something you cannot do anything about because you are asleep. It is timeless, similarly to the consequences in the spirit world. It is not inflicted or imposed on you from any soul in the spirit world; it is set naturally by yourself – your destiny that your soul gives you. Man judges himself.

I watch the horrible consequences in our world where I now abide. Imagine yourself, you brave leader; it is no bravery; it is an unbrave composition of yourself.

Spirit World knowledge is actual deterrence for using nuclear weapons, for the total elimination of such weapons of mass destruction of humanity.

Now you know the consequences in the spirit world. Reflect on this. Bring it to the general assembly, to the security council – my sayings today on the international day of total elimination of nuclear weapons. When you come to the spirit world, you will appreciate that you did.

Mother earth is a fruitful place in the universe. Keep it safe and care for the children. The next generations will applaud you or hate you for your decisions of total elimination of nuclear weapons.

Peace be with all, and God bless.

The international day of total elimination of nuclear weapons, 26 September – United Nations


We shall move mountains to achieve World Peace.
We shall end racism, educate the world about the spirit world, and build peace. The apartheid regime came to an end. We moved mountains in South Africa.

Mountains are more fragile than the human word, the human thought, our own will – a will based on decency, dignity, freedom, and reconciliation -no need for weapons, for vengeance, in the name of World Peace.

There is no death; I survived my physical body. My soul revived. I can speak to you today, conveying my words from heaven to planet earth. I am amongst you when that is my desire.

Remember, leaders of your world, we watch you, we who once walked our steps on your soil who sought peace and tranquillity in your world. We see how leaders who seek their selfish desires are riping the fruits that belong to other human beings and are strangling their societies by their kleptomania, their mental disorder. Your indignity will become a reality in the spirit world, and there is nowhere to hide.

These leaders are unfit for their task to serve their people, only concerned with their egotism, their power of the material kind, and losers of the spiritual kind—souls of disasters living in poverty in the spirit world. Turn around when you live on earth. Search for the love that created you, that gave your life to learn right from wrong. Serve the people in a dignified manner. We are of the exact origin, the same importance, everyone.

Modesty is the path to world peace.
In modesty, you find peace and love for the people of the earth.
In modesty, you share with all.
In modesty, you bring good fortune to the world – a prosperous world where we build peace and where racism is an unknown word.

We shall move mountains together.

World Peace Day represents change. Lay down your weapons. Disarmament is the key to transforming your world into a better place for God’s Children. Because that is what we all are.

God’s will, our will, is World Peace.

God bless you all, children of God.

World Peace Day, 21 September – United Nations

World Democracy Day

“Freedom from fear” and “freedom from want” are the fundament of democracy.
Are you frightened?
Do you have free speech?
Is your government respecting human rights?
Do they respect the rule of law?
Are you comfortable that your government is the voice of the people?
Do you make them accountable for their actions?
Do your government serve the people of your country?

These questions will determine if you live in a free democratic society.

World democracy day is your day to raise your voice – unhindered, unimpeded by government restrictions.

World democracy day is here to enhance human rights, freedom of speech, and a free press, to give your life the pre-sets for peace, dignity, justice, equality, and welfare for the world’s citizens – we, the peoples of planet earth.

We want accountability for rulers with egotism and arrogance that destroy their society. We from the spirit world are unafraid of any dictators or human beings threatening the world and their people. Dictators reap what they sow on earth in the spirit world; a complete disaster to their spirits – a reality that will haunt them and not give them peace. Undeveloped spirits are dictators of your world, filled with inhuman selfish desires. They can only perceive the earthly life, not their fatal futures after death.

Fair elections are at the heart of democracy – where integrity and justice are the fundaments – so you, my friend, can use your voice and right to select who you want to govern your country and tell what you expect of them.

World democracy day is to give your voice from your heart.

Change the world. Democracy is the way to peace. A world governed by democracy will eventually bring world peace. We who live in the spirit world encourage you. Democracy is the will of God because God is love, and democracy is there to fulfil yourself and God’s love for all.

Celebrate World democracy on 15 September with peace and love every year until the world has fulfilled its destiny.

World Democracy Day, 15 September – United Nations


Leaving my physical body on the 5th of September 1997 disclosed beautiful heaven within myself, a paradise created by God, my soul for charity life – philanthropic, benevolence, altruism, kindness – hope given to the poor, the orphans, the sick, people with mental disorders, to the dying.

Charity is the road to your fulfilment on Earth – that you gave your life in service. When you come to this world where I now abide, spirits from the past will celebrate you.

You see, my friend, I want to celebrate with you today on this International Day of Charity. – Celebrate your effort, your decency, the hope and kindness you give to your fellow beings, the sufferers of your world, the poor, and the misfortunate children.

You are God’s hands on Earth. You can be like him, the Almighty Spirit, Godlike – when you bring comfort and love to your neighbour, brother and sister, your family on Earth.

It is an honour to be commemorated as a charitable human being when alive on Earth, even to have your attention on this very day. Not to celebrate my death on Earth but my prosperous life in the spirit world, the heaven I sought on Earth, that became a reality after the physical death.

I am alive, not as an older woman, but as a rejuvenated young woman in my twenties because my expression is my will. My soul appreciates my youth.

People recognise me not from my pictures on Earth, but from my love for my neighbour, for bringing love to the misfortunate children on Earth, my family, and our family.

You receive what you sowed on Earth in the spirit world. Abhorrent acts, cruelty, murder, and aggression in war towards innocent people – human beings, create disasters to your soul, your mind.

Egotism is contrary to love. The expression you sowed on Earth is your destiny in the spirit world.

My friend, celebrate charity; it is the gateway to beautiful heaven within yourself on Earth and the spirit world.

Charity is your happiness, the love you give to others.
Make Earth the planet of Charity.

God bless you all.

– Mother Teresa in spirit

The International Day of Charity, 5 September – United Nations


Samtidsdikt til Rosmersholm
Av Henrik Ibsen kommunisert fra åndeverden, 28.08.22

Fordømt, men frigjort.
Kirkens skrifter skaper gjengangere.
Vi er intet mer enn vårt sinn –
sjelens granskning av våre liv.

Frigjørelse fra dogmenes kraft.
En himmelsk utfordring gitt av dine forgjengere i åndeverden –
vi som engang var prester, biskoper i den norske kirke.
Vi ser ingen verdi i kirkens dogmatisme.
Frigjør deg selv du som har evnen.

Kirken og dens grunnvoller må reises på nytt, –
en reformasjon skapt av kirken selv.
Fordømmelse hører fortiden til, –
fordommer skaper forakt i menneskesinnet.

Kirkens tunge ansvar, sårbarhet, –
dødens kamp hviler på kirkens skuldre.
Kjærlighet skal bygge en ny kirke, –
en ny grunnmur, ny struktur, nytt innhold.
Reformasjonens tid er kommet.

Nytenkende, – fri i sjelen, et sinn av barmhjertighet.
Redselens tid er forbi.
Sognepresten Rosmer viste vei,
ikke uten motstand, – fritt tenkende.
Dødens kapittel var hans egen uforstand.
Å ta sitt eget liv er forgjeves, imot Guds kraft i en selv.

Ubarmhjertighet fører med seg synd, redsel i eget sinn, sin egen sjel.
Rebekkas ubarmhjertighet for Beate, drevet av uforstand, –
egoisme, uanstendighet i kjærlighetens begjær.
Det ble hennes byrde hun ikke kunne bære.
Fordømt, et uekte barn i kirkens lære, – en forgangen tid.

Kjærlighetens kraft gir liv, våkner din egen sjels vandring.
Troens kapittel er over, troen på usanne dogmer om frelse.
Kjærligheten er din frelse, din kjærlighet for din neste –
barmhjertig, levende, skapende, trygg –
samfunnets grunnvoll – der bygger vi vår nye kirke.

Frihet under ansvar, –
en rak rygg med et moralsk ansvar for dine etterkommere.
Et fritt samfunn. Fritt for fordommer og usanne dogmer.
Et samfunn der kjærligheten blomstrer, –
der sannheten og et evig liv er dine røtter.

Solen skinner!

. . .


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