Collaboration among governments, corporations, and civic groups is essential for building strong partnerships to meet the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

The wealth of your world is in few hands. Developing countries need debt relief, developing assistance, technology, open markets, and trade opportunities for sustainability and ending hunger and poverty.

For developed countries, open markets and trade is natural thing. Developing countries have barriers; firstly, they have unfortunate situations where climate change has had a detrimental effect on agriculture, small farming that many developing countries are dependent on. Secondly, they represent a formidable resource, unused and for economic growth. Instead of only hand-outs, you can provide access to markets to develop their farmland, factories of manufacturing of commodities that they can generate from their resources, natural resources. Lastly and as importantly, the impact of climate gas emissions have raised massive obstacles for their lives, environmental changes, both on sea and land; floods, droughts, wildfires which must be compensated for. The developed countries economic growth and wealth have been on their premises.

We have to collaborate to build strong partnerships for raising developing countries to sustainable development.

Gross inequality, make that history. We are in the same boat at sea. We need to master the weather conditions we are exposed to and dependent on to reach shore safely. I am trying to tell you that the wealth in few hands, accumulated by economic growth, unequally shared, has no value neither on earth nor in the spirit world if you cannot manoeuvre the boat to shore.

The wealth of the world, the resources that have been accumulated over time is not humane; it is selfish desires. It doesn’t feel good to see poverty, hunger – and with the miserable conditions for the many hungry children, the rich food that this planet gives you doesn’t taste good.

As Nelson Mandela said, you cannot find peace, true peace, before poverty and hunger is eradicated. I can assure you that we are human beings after death having the same disappointment of the conditions of your world.

Peace comes to your world when all people have received sustainability, sustainable lives – we the peoples.


Human rights are fundamental for all on earth; human rights give a decent, just and fair, sustainable life for everyone.

The conflicts the wars on planet earth are human-made. When political interests overshadow and prevail over human rights, politics is on the wrong track, hinders human life and prosperous life for all. We all have seen atrocities committed by human beings, crimes against humanity, genocide, terrorism, child abuse, war crimes and crimes of aggression towards independent states of sovereignty. The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court established ICC in 1998. Individuals accused of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity would be held accountable for their acts and inhuman behaviour.

The genocide in Rwanda, the slaughtering of people in Bosnia, Srebrenica, were the forerunners to establishing this vital legislative institution for preventing crimes against humanity in the future.

I was engaged as an envoy by the United Nations to the war in Syria, where political interests were too important for human rights to be fulfilled. The United Nations’ security council is a throttle that can prevent disasters to our family on earth. Political interests must give way where human rights are violated.

When abiding in the spirit world, I can say this; you who do not fulfil your obligations of human rights towards humanity, preventing disasters that are inevitable due to war crimes, will meet punishment in the spirit world. Your mind will recall your actions that caused miserable conditions, death and unliveable conditions for people, and your mind will haunt you. It is an unavoidable punishment in the spirit world. But you can change. You who feel guilty of previous behaviour, you can change because charity is your salvation. Ending hunger and poverty will release you from the severe pain that you brought to life to your mind.

People who live in severe pain in the spirit world, due to their inhumanity when on earth, do not see the beauties of my world. The magnificence of the spirit world has vanished because your mind takes control over your destiny, a destiny you created for yourself. Whatever you have committed of wrongdoings on earth can be atoned for while on earth. See to that your atonement is fulfilled before you enter the threshold of physical death. Your spirit survives death, and your mind becomes your reality.

You can find peace in the spirit world by living a just life, a decent life where you gave yourself in service for your family on earth, for humanity.

Reverse any decision that is not of justice, love and care for everyone because we are all of the same rights as equal human beings, having the rights for a sustainable, peaceful and just life.


The biodiversity of planet earth is unprecedented in God’s creation. Human life is unprecedented. Life is a collective force made out of love, the building blocks of the universe. Life is God-given. It is precious and for you to care for, to sustain in every capacity you have as a human being. That is a life-given responsibility bestowed on you who are of this generation on earth.

Life on land is met by challenges of deforestation, loss of biodiversity, wildlife crimes, and lack of knowledge of what life is all about. People on earth lack the basic understanding that life on earth is part of your eternal life, and you are here to learn, meet the challenges, and raise humanity to higher levels of understanding. I speak from the spirit world. I didn´t know when on earth what I know today. But I knew that we had to eradicate hunger and poverty for humanity to survive and find decent lives. I knew we had to educate people so all could learn right from wrong and find their creative force in writing, and before writing, we all must learn to read.

We are all part of the evolution to enhance our spirits, find the love given to us at birth and share it with our fellow beings, our family on earth.

Climate challenges give the perspective of life on land and that you have to work together to tackle the inherent problems that greenhouse gases bring of misfortune to so many people on earth. You observe the perspective of inequality when you see the disasters of what climate change causes to land of floods, droughts, wildfires, hunger, displacement of people, migration of millions who have lost all they had aside from their dignity as human beings.

Love and care are the guiding principles of the United Nations, the principle of your spirit, that is, of God. Find the spirit within you that keeps you alive, the engine of yourself, that serves your heart, the heartbeats of life, because your soul is of the exact origin as all people on earth, as in heaven, in the spirit world. We are all of the same importance in the eyes of the Almighty spirit because we are all his children. We are one family who needs to collaborate for gender equality, for a sustainable life, where gross inequality becomes history.

Be of service to one another; find your mutual platform for sustainability. We are of God, all of us, regardless of religions, race, ethnic belonging, gender, wealthy or poor. Prepare a dignified life for all, no one above nor below; we are equal as human beings.

Life is precious; the planet earth is your home, the people of the world is your family.


I watch planet earth, this beautiful blue planet. The blue oceans that cover 70% of the earth surface is a source of life at your disposal, for your sustainability, for your blue economy.

Harvesting from the oceans has provided people of the earth a sustainable life throughout the ages. Climate change, however, brings forth higher temperatures, increased sea level, and acidification, which is detrimental to marine life. Climate change will eventually destroy marine life if you do not provide limitations of greenhouse gas emissions.

The ocean absorbs a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, but the acidic level is rising, impacting the ecological system below water. The greenhouse effect drives the sea to extreme weather conditions that give hurricanes and floods, bringing cities out of balance and driving nature to imbalance.

Oceans are precious treasures you have to care for that give fisheries on the coastline in developing countries such as the African continent vital food security. Harvesting from the seas reduces hunger and poverty and provides a sustainable life for people.

The exploitation of the oceans is to be regulated by Nations to maintain the ecological systems, to prevent overfishing and destruction of habitats and coral Reeves. Responsible harvesting is a key to sustainability.

The world of seafood is your security, your food supply. The blue economy affects the sustainable goals of ending hunger and poverty.

The waste in today’s world, oceans littered with plastics, is devastating to marine life. Use other forms of packaging, restrict the use of plastics that eventually find their way to the oceans and lead to disasters of this beautiful but fragile and vulnerable ecological system. You have the technology and the means to end pollution.

A sustainable marine life is a goal for all, to bring nature back into order so you one day can watch planet earth and the magnificent oceans from space, from where I now view the beautiful blue treasures of your world.


There is a scientific foundation of global warming research that 1 degree Celsius has had a devastating impact on planet earth from the pre-industrial level. I repeat, 1 degree Celsius of global warming, and you are on the road to higher temperatures and extreme conditions. Today you experience disasters of climate change; floods, droughts, extreme weather conditions, wildfires and the widespread of diseases.

The pandemic covid 19 is a result of climate change, and if you do not take the necessary precautions, more diseases, more pandemics will follow. It is a threatening scenario that you need to be aware of. It is the global health that is at stake; Your life, animal life and Nature itself.

Last night I heard that the United States and China would collaborate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is of tremendous value that developed countries take the lead and encourage governments worldwide to take part in this global challenge; the Paris agreement to meet the emission reductions for keeping global warming within 1,5 degrees Celsius. You can make a difference with this agreement to keep control of climate change and emissions to the atmosphere.

To reach irreversible climate change would be a catastrophe, would cause total disasters, a world beyond your imaginations. Do not let that happen.

Turn around, now is the time to expedite the necessary means, to fulfil the Paris agreement, to take the lead, to keep Nature in your hands, to protect the lives of your children and the next generations, to bring planet earth into carbon neutrality.

We in the spirit world watch the devastating effect, having the bird’s eye everywhere on your globe, and you have the science reports that give you factual evidence of the impact of global warming.

Climate action is your objective for the coming years, and you must start NOW to avoid an irreversible climate change to enter your sphere of life.

Developed countries must take the lead to bring emissions through renewable energies to satisfactory levels within the temperature range of 1,5 degrees of global warming.

You can manage the future with your resolve, provide developing countries with the necessary means, technology and funding to cope with their emissions.

Make this to a global revolution of renewable energies where your investment for the future is renewables, not fossil fuels. As of today, your investment in fossil fuels exceeds the investments in renewable energies. It is WRONG when you see the consequences of your investments.

A life without breathing is no life. What is the point of economic growth when you cannot breathe? You have the technology, and you have the means, the necessary funding to meet the Paris agreement, to ratify its impact on your health and future prosperity.

We are spirits, eternal beings, and the next generations that we bring to your world, spirits of God, are born for a new life on earth to enjoy your beautiful planet, learn right from wrong, and take part in the challenges and prosperity of your world. We all have a mission to accomplish.

We send all our blessings to your world.