1. Forgiveness


In your lifetime on earth, you have attended the school of life that was given to you by your Almighty Father to raise yourself. On your pathway you have had many choices, you have had many roads to choose from, and the roads you have followed are your present state is the present state of your consciousness. You might feel that you have made some wrong choices in life, that you have made mistakes, that you have selected the wrong pathway sometimes. My friend, making mistakes on the earth plane is normal, because if you did not make any mistakes, you would not have to attend the school of life here on earth.

You are here to learn from your mistakes, you are here to find yourself, to find your spiritual being, to find the spirit within that became part of you at birth. You yourself are a physical body and a spiritual body, and a cord similar to the cord that connected you to your mother connects them.

At birth you were given a seed, a little grain, by your Father in heaven, a seed he wanted you to nurture in the school of life on earth so you could raise yourself in spirituality. Nurture this seed by love for your fellow beings, by becoming unselfish, and this seed will become your treasure in life. When you nurture it with spiritual food, that is, not the physical food that sustains your life here on earth, no, my friend, spiritual food is from heaven, it is love that you receive and that you bring forward to other human beings, to all living beings and to Mother Nature.

When you raise yourself, when you climb the spiritual ladder, you will see the mistakes you have done. They will come to your mind and you will reflect on them. You will say that, “Well, I did this mistake and I did that mistake, and I am sorry. I see now that this was wrong. I see that I have made many mistakes in life, mistakes towards other human beings”. If you can give comfort to the people that you have caused problems to, and misbehaved towards, then that is part of forgiveness, that is part of forgiving your own behaviour and forgiving yourself for what you have done.

When you can give comfort to the people that you caused problems, that you have misbehaved towards, if you can give them comfort that will not be of any harm, that will be of a loving thought, then you may ask for forgiveness. Everything must be done in love, everything must be of kindness, and everything must be of comfort to the human being that you ask for forgiveness. You do not put any more burdens on the people that you have misbehaved towards.

The way to forgive and receive forgiveness is to build up the love and kindness within yourself, so you can help others, so you can undo in a way the misbehaviour and discomfort that you caused others. What you do unto others, you do unto yourself, and to receive forgiveness, you share with others, you help others, and you bring love to your fellow beings. That is the way to receive forgiveness and that is the way to forgive others, because you know that making mistakes is human in the school of life.

When you forgive and love, you are forgiven, that is the rule of forgiveness. You must forgive and bring love; you must help others, care for others and bring charity. Then your mistakes will be overshadowed, and will be erased by the good deeds that you perform on earth. See, you can be forgiven, my friend.

Always put emphasis on kindness, on unselfishness, on love for others. Always give comfort, and you do not give comfort to others if you yourself want to clean your consciousness and that is of discomfort to the people that you have misbehaved towards. No, my friend, you help them, you love them, you are kind to them, you give comfort, and you extend your mission by giving love to your fellow beings, by helping others, by charity.

In heaven there are no secrets, because everything is open. Your spiritual being cannot hide any secrets anymore. But in this world there is forgiveness, there is love, there is beautification of your self when you, as on earth, climb the ladder of spirituality towards God and his love so you can raise yourself, so you can have love in heart, so you can have peace of mind.

As much as you forgive others, as much will you be forgiven. Forgive everything in love and you will be forgiven. Forgiveness must be in love, because without love there is no forgiveness.

Forgiveness and love give you peace of mind.

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