Anna Elisabeth Westerlund

Norwegian – NRK PODCAST (Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation) is about the psychic Anna Elisabeth Westerlund, who solved COLD CASES in Norway in the 1980 – the 1990s.

Her psychic abilities were used by police investigators (but not approved by police authorities). Investigators said she entered a Trance and provided information crucial to cases.

On one occasion, Inge Morild, an autopsy doctor from the hospital in Bergen, Gades Institutt, presented a tissue from a murder case in Norway to test her psychic abilities – Birgitte Teng’s case from 1995. Anna Elisabeth described the crime scene based on the tissue and told about a young woman and a lot of blood. The doctor was amazed. The information given was beyond doubt.

Anna Elisabeth Westerlund
(1907 – 1995)

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