You are born for a purpose


A Spirit World Message.

When I look upon my own life, my last reincarnation, and I see what I achieved on earth and for my soul, I feel at peace with myself. I see the result of my struggle for freedom. I see that my life contributed to a better life for many. God gave me free will to explore life, to walk the path that I chose myself.

Before I came to earth, I had a purpose that I myself had written in my soul, my intuition, the achievements that I would strive for as a spirit of love. I wanted to share my love with my brothers and sisters on earth. My objective in life came into being when I learned the earthly passions and the oppression against the nonwhite people of South Africa.

But I was tangled up in the earthly misery of life, due to the apartheid system, due to the oppression that made me choose the wrong path when I sought to fight the oppression with an armed struggle. My eagerness, my impatience and my intolerance in middle adulthood was a far cry from the love, the pure love, that I wanted to bring to earth. During imprisonment, my friends and angels in heaven, the world beyond, gave me good advice, so I could see God’s presence within and his love for us. That changed my path.

Of course, there was aid from the world to end the apartheid system, and there was aid from the world beyond, from messengers of God who brought this to the attention of the world’s agenda. I thank God, my angels and my friends for their comfort, patience and tolerance when I was trying to fulfil our longing for freedom and a democratic life, a life where the human rights of respect and equality could be born in my land, in your world.

My friend, what is your purpose in life?

My purpose was to bring love to my brothers and sisters; my purpose was to find a solution to replace the apartheid system of South Africa with a system of democracy. I was not aware of that when I was a child, when I was a youth, or when I was in my early adulthood. It came to me through my growth as an adult. My intention was not to become president of South Africa, my sole intention was to bring love and create better conditions for my people. And it is truly wonderful to see that our struggle for freedom, for nonviolence, for human rights, can be adopted elsewhere in your world. Nonviolence is the road to follow; there is no doubt in my mind. When you follow the path of love, of nonviolence, in life, then you will be guided by the mightiest power that you can imagine in your mind. That is the power of God. Through the reconciliation process to free the African people, to create democracy, the power of love embraced me, embraced all of those working for a peaceful solution.

My friend, have love as your foremost objective in life and your intuition will give you the path in life, the path that is irrespective of occupation, irrespective of material belongings  what you have within is what matters. If you can but comfort and bring the truth of life to one soul, you have fulfilled yourself, your mission on earth. But when you see the results and see the comfort you can bring to one, and see all the suffering of your world, your intuition of love wants to help many.

Your purpose in life will find its path through love, through care for your family on earth. God will give you the path that belongs to you when you find his light of love within, your love for your fellow beings.

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